New York Times Minus Context
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Man do I love twitter. Not only does it afford me the opportunity to say stuff like Paul McCartney’s mullet was the least talked about hairstyle of 2013, it also allows me to paraphrase myself and in doing so, botch my own musings, like I just did.

Where I am not concerned, Twitter does even more good stuff for my intellectual fiber. Was it not, after all, Lena Dunham’s feed that first turned me on to this? Would I have ever even known that Loehmann’s is closing ALL 39 OF ITS DOORS, NOT JUST THE ONE WHERE BARNEYS USED TO BE AND IN 2015 WILL BE AGAIN had I not favorited a cryptic New York Magazine tweet that suggested so?

No. The answer to all of that is no.

Arguably, though, the most fun on twitter comes not from the information that those who you follow dole but rather simply from the reveries they elect to share. And most recently on the list of most interesting accounts to follow, NYTMinusContext, tweets not links you must click or jokes you must retweet. It posts misplaced sentences from all over The New Yorks that out of context, make no sense at all but rule (e.g. “a third solution: we ask the children to cut themselves in half.”)

Its tag line reads: “All Tweets Verbatim From New York Times Content.” And, duh, it is “Not Affiliated with New York Times.” That doesn’t make it any less endearing, though, so “find your bliss in salted snacks,” “get yourself together,” “stop fooling around and move on to your gin,” it’s the perfect afternoon for a digital scroll, don’t you think?

[NYTMinusContext via Twitter]

  • Hahah such a good account.

  • Checking it out now… Though I’m not sure it’ll be as good as @GhettoHikes or @ModernSeinfeld, two of my favorites with unique premises that haven’t been sullied by sponsorships or probably fake posts like GS Elevator has.