How to Make Coffee While You Sleep

Your coffee order has been talking about you behind your back. Read what it says about you.

Technically every day is National Coffee Day in this house (except for the time Leandra and Amelia tried the No Coffee Diet, and it was scary.) The problem for us in the Polar Bear Coffee club, however, is that iced coffee tends to be more expensive than its hot brethren. You could cook your own cup at home and then add ice, but in my experience that ends up being a watered-down mess tasting slightly of vomit. It doesn’t help that waking up early to push buttons and measure beans is never as appealing as stopping by one of my regular iced coffee spots. For me, laziness always wins before 11 AM.

In order to save my dwindling funds and precious minutes of morning slumber, I convinced myself to have a stroke of genius. (Upon further delving into my memory it turns this eureka moment was actually advice from an old roommate that I brought back to consciousness, but it’s so easy I really can’t believe I didn’t think of this myself.)


IT IS POSSIBLE TO MAKE YOUR OWN COLD BREW. That’s right — the less-acidic version of the wonder that is iced coffee is possible to concoct in your own fridge, while you SLEEP, which means it’s tailor-made for those of us who don’t wake up until the first few sips are swallowed.

All you need is your regular French press (or some sort of vessel and filter of your imaginative choosing), water, and coffee grounds.

Step 1: Pour your normal* amount of coffee grounds into vessel

Step 2: Pour your normal* amount of water into vessel depending on how dark you like it. Make sure to stir or shake a little bit so that all of the grounds make contact with the water. Tip: I know it’s obnoxious, but filtered water tastes better.

Step 3: Place vessel in fridge.

Step 4: Go to sleep. You’re tired. It’s bedtime. Don’t forget to brush your teeth and wash your face.

Step 5: Wake up after hitting the snooze button at least once .

Step 6: Filter out coffee grounds (if you’re using a French press like me, just plunge away like usual. If you’re being adventurous and making your own filter, may the force be with you).

Step 7: Add milk or sugar if you don’t like your coffee black like your (my) soul.


Step 9: Wear white jeans to break two fall rules at once.

Step 10: Pat yourself on the back. You just saved time and money.

*Normal is relative, but according to the National Coffee Association (they have a .org and everything!) the general guideline is 1 to 2 tablespoons of ground coffee for every six ounces of water.

And if you have any tips of your own, add them below. Too much of a good thing doesn’t apply to coffee.