MR PORTER’s ‘This Week I’m Wearing’

Anyone with a dad, brother, boyfriend, friend-friend, neighbor, son, mailman or television knows the Universal Truth of Clothing: man-clothes rule super hard. The shirts are crispier and the pants hang better. Watches become bracelets and their blazers are so good it makes us angry.┬áLiterally and figuratively and subjectively and objectively — borrow nearly anything from a boy and the look is instantly cool.

MR PORTER gets that. They know how good they look. And lucky for all, they’re willing to share. In their new series, ‘The Week I’m Wearing,’ MR Porter will feature a stylish guy once a week.

First on deck is Details’ Matthew Marden. Get ready to covet his sweaters, ties, and the way he adds a British ‘U’ to his “favoUrite” pair of jeans.

Consider this a new source of wardrobe inspiration for us girls, and in the words of Denice Williams — let’s hear it for the boy(s)

[‘This Week I’m Wearing’ via MR PORTER]


  • Wind-up bird

    I fully intend to sport some snappy brogues and well-hanging (and equally snappy) pants this fall. Why be angry when you can wear it just as well?