Movie Mania Foster Wallace Edition

As a rule, I do not like going to the movies. Typically what will happen is that I will refute and fute and fute and fa until finally, I go, and then I think: this is great! Why was I so resolute about staying home? Jesse Eisenberg does a great Mark Zuckerberg! Wes Anderson never disappoints me. But then other times, like in the case of Gravity, I will, against my better judgement, go and then leave thinking: why did I just elect to give myself two hours worth of an anxiety attack? Two hours I can never have back.

So, ever since George Clooney first lost his life to outer-space I determined to stop going to the movies.

Then again, though, according to New York Magazine’s Vulture, David Lipsky’s 2010 biography, Although Of Course You End Up Becoming Yourself: A Road Trip With David Foster Wallace is becoming a movie and I’d rather peel my kneecaps off than miss that.

Some context: Lipsky, a reporter best known for his work in Rolling Stone, followed David Foster Wallace on a five day road trip while promoting his new work, Infinite Jest. The biography culminated in a series of observations and conversations that occurred over the course of the trip and in the movie incarnation, Jesse Eisenberg will play the former while Jason Segel acts as Foster Wallace. And there you have it: your Thursday early noon pick-me-up.

[The David Foster Wallace Movie is Happening via Vulture]

  • Gabriela Magaña

    Seriously? Jason Segel? Love them both, but I don’t see how that can work.