Move Over, Man!

There is plenty to be said about the grievances of public transportation — Gawker’s list of the ten worst people on the subway from earlier this summer articulate them all. The obnoxious pole leaner? The person blocking an empty seat in a crowded car? Loud teenagers? They’ve got em.

But what about the dude who rests his elbow on you like you’re an arm rest, or who designates an empty seat for his briefcase, or trips you with his long extended legs stretched in disregard for other train patrons? I’ve spilled my iced coffee because of him!

It may be sexist to say that women aren’t train offenders as well, so we won’t. We will, however, kindly turn your attention towards a little Tumblr that focuses on all the men that the Gawker article didn’t.

Men Taking Up Too Much Space On The Train” is meant purely for laughs. It does, however, document more than one real-estate dominating move that we’ve all witnessed at least once. Scroll through, enjoy, and hypothesize what’s up with their lack of spatial awareness.



    F**k dealin with them eeeevery day!!! You said it!!!sooo annoying!!!

  • Pualani@TheRustedKey

    Amen to these articles. The guy sleeping while taking up four seats in the process seriously has got to wake up get out. I also mind the obnoxious eaters and drinkers that disturb peace.

  • Is it wrong that I live in the UK yet I distinctly remember this as a Boston train?

    • sam_the_cat

      Yes, because the train in the picture is the NYC subway! 🙂

  • Rachel

    I am on the verge of starting an ad campaign explaining backpack etiquette on the subway- I cannot stand being poked from behind by the dude who didn’t swing it around to the front and has no idea he jabs at you every time he turns to see who gets on the train

    • In Berlin the train association has a campaign targeting this, among other things, like screaming into your phone, and spilling your food on other passengers. First time I saw it I was super impressed.

      • Charlotte

        The Berlin U-bahn is so clean and spacious and they make dogs wear muzzles…seriously got it down to a system over there. Loud Americans are their biggest issue…

  • You are so right! They take way too much space its so unfair!

  • I THOUGHT IT’S JUST ME WHO NOTICE THIS ANNOYING THING. For me, it’s somehow relates to sexism in some way–men stretch their legs wide, women glue their thighs. Tell me this isn’t culturally-influenced.

    Cheers from Jakarta,