Shimmy Into Monday With This Musical Pick-Me-Up

You really did try to make the best of today. You belted out Adele songs in the shower. You put on your lucky Batman underwear. You even ordered a chocolate-filled croissant with your latte because if that isn’t happiness then what is?

Sleeping in.

Brunch cocktails.

Not facing down five more days at the office.

Well then, it sounds like you could use a pick me up. A Monday Makeover. Something, perhaps, to make you feel like a Brand New Girl. If I’m not making any sense, not to worry. All will some be revealed in the video above — especially since you will play it three times: 1. To absorb. 2. To learn the routine. 3. To perform for you co-workers.

Now that’s how you start a week.

Collage by Emily Zirimis.


  • Amelia Diamond

    i can’t stop watching it’s so weird

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  • Rae

    I LOVE that film!

  • Oh my god that movie!!!!!! I saw that movie when I was wayyyyyyyyyy tooo young and it ruined me for life!!! I was obsessed w/ Jeff Godblum for farr too long after =:P