Models Under The Age of 18, No Longer Models

Well…technically at least. The New York Times just reported that Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a legislation this past Monday night recognizing all models under the age of 18 as child performers. The supposition is that that this will dissuade designers from working with models so young.

Though the Times mentions a recent trend in which designers work with more established models further into their 20s, I remember hearing a makeup artist express concern over the rising number of very young ones that he found himself working with. He went on to suggest that it was actually becoming more and more commonplace, and cited their youth as something he felt uncomfortable erasing with makeup.

Let’s see what February looks like, eh?

[New York Sets Work Rules for Models via The New York Times]

  • Gabriela

    Children should be protected. I thought that was the general idea in the US. Child models are still children.

  • gia2577

    I think its Great! At the end of the day you really are a kid under the age of 18..they should be protected.

  • Only one evening in Toronto and you’re using “eh” like a pro, so proud.

  • Leslie

    I think it’s a great idea. Actors have a union and are protected; models do not, which is ironic considering many of them are very young (and with grossness like Terry Richardson on the loose, they need protecting).

  • Awesome. I wonder what the percentage of active runway models under the age of 18 actually is though, you know?

  • marie a

    Not only do I think they should be protected, but using models under the age of 18, and then using makeup to make them look older really does contribute to extremely unrealistic body ideals.