Mindy Kaling at Vogue

Remember that episode of Sex and The City when Sarah Jessica Parker goes to Vogue with a story for her editor who essentially slays it and leaves the former feeling dejected, so much so that she is forced to day-drink martinis with that middle-aged man (Vogue publisher? An editor? I can’t quite remember)?

He proceeds to pull down his pants (thus revealing a pair of sock garters that seemed unusually akin to last summer’s Alexander Wang gladiator sandals) while showing Parker the magazine’s closet. She goes on about Manolo Blahnik Mary Janes and calls them a shoe myth, even though I’ve never not seen that particular style on display wherever Blahniks are sold.


Well, when Mindy Kaling went to Vogue de facto, nothing of the sort happened.

The ja-la-peno lover just wanted to wear some damn Balmain, purportedly set aside for Rihanna, but was instead left to contemplate the paradoxically elegant, young Laura Bush-ish, totally chic but in a joyless kind of way egg-shell colored cardigan.

It’s funny.

[Mindy Kaling Visits the Vogue Closet for a Fitting via Vogue]

  • Aubrey Green

    “Yeah Cookie’s drunk..I’m drunk at Vogue” – Carrie Bradshaw. Remember he called her Cookie, ha.

  • lavieenliz

    I love MIndy so much she’s my favorite!!


  • Drew Elizabeth

    She is genius. Loved this!

  • Sophia

    Absolutely brilliant. Love it.


  • Carla

    Oh my good, they are such stupid bitches and they do not even realize it. This is kind of sad I guess. I for one will never buy vogue again.
    Go Mindy!

    • It was satire! I promise 🙂

      • Carla

        oh ok I could not figure out if it were or not

  • violet

    I loveeee how you recapped that whole episode and said none of that happened. lol


  • Wait, wait, wait. Can we discuss the Kimye video that starts as soon as the Mindy one finishes? It’s like the original P. Diddy Unforgettable commercial… plus a baby??

  • www.LydiaWho.com

    Haha, poor Mindy

    – L

  • pamb

    These Vogue videos are killing it (Lena and Hamish, SJP, Mindy)! I turned it off when Kanye and Kim appeared without my requesting it. No thanks.

  • Pamela Kopel

    Haha, this was hysterical.