Miley Cyrus on SNL

Miley Cyrus performed “Wrecking Ball” on Saturday Night Live this past weekend; that she was fully clothed is probably the most shocking thing she’s done so far.  Though, to say she was “fully clothed” is a bit generous considering she was wearing a see-through jersey over a bra and underwear, Cyrus also wore a pair of cool black creepers so I’m giving her a hall pass.

Whatever your opinion on her is (mine, as of late, is a motherly concern where I just want to put a giant coat over her, buy her a milkshake and show her a few college brochures), there’s no denying that she can sing.

Many have choked on the famed SNL musical guest stage. Something about the small live audience and unforgiving acoustics in that studio tend to make even the best artists sound faulty, and yet I really think she sounded fantastic last night.  Yes, the oversized jersey is surely Miley making some sort of statement that went right over my head (maybe the statement is that even when technically clothed, she somehow remains not) but it was nice to see her just standing and singing, with a band in the background and a mic in her hands as opposed to a sledgehammer.

Watch the video and tell us your thoughts. For once, a clip involving Miley is totally SFW, so don’t worry about opening this near your boss unless you’re supposed be in a meeting or something.

Also — the skits she performed in were pretty funny too, so if you don’t have an opinion on the singing, what did you think of the acting? You can watch the clips here.

[Miley Cyrus: Wrecking Ball via SNL]

  • grace kane

    I think that “Wrecking Ball” was the only song that she sang well. It was gobsmacking to hear the difference between it and the other songs that she did not sound so well on. One has to have more than one song that one puts to good use.

  • j benedict

    High notes not so pleasing to the ear

  • I liked the performance, she sounds like Pat Benatar.

  • Aubrey Green

    I liked it, I thought she sounded really good. I still can’t get over how amazing her skin looks – I think Emily Weiss needs to do a Top Shelf with her. Did anyone happen to watch her MTV interview?

  • Sam

    I think she’s racist and she tried to humiliate people with mental illnesses.
    Oh but I guess she can sing, woo.

  • Joan

    I support her .. More nakedness is advertising Nivea shower gel and nobody is outrageous

  • Riley O’Donnell

    Whenever you struggle to empathize with Miley’s performance, just think… Ashlee Simpson went to sing a “live” song on SNL and they began to play the wrong one. Talk about real struggles.

  • laura

    too bad, the video is not available in europe.

  • SashaSarene

    Ah, loving her 90s throwback fashion! Nike sandals! Mesh! See through shirts! High top sneakers! Also, the white nails she’s been sporting lately are really great.

  • Andy

    Just because she sang something appropriately this time doesn’t mean she sang it well. The music obviously overpowered her live chokey voice.

  • Alba B.

    Despite my UNPREFERENCE for Miley, I can say that maybe this is the only song which brings her to some artistic level. Saying that, I can agree on your thoughts of (maybe the statement is that even when technically clothed, she somehow remains not).

    Especially after the externation of o’connor to her (miley), below the link for the ones who missed.
    And what comes to my mind every time I see Miley or Rehanna or these new ladies joining the industry of music, I recall that young Britney moving her pencil on the desk and bubbling her chewing gum her rise and fall, and suddenly the picture for these girls to me is quite clear….a history repeating…..

    The newspapers shout a new style is growing,
    but it don’t know if it’s coming or going,
    there is fashion, there is fad
    some is good, some is bad
    and the joke is rather sad,
    that its all just a little bit of history repeating

    • Leandra Medine

      I think that’s only when we pull them from SNL/NBC. I couldn’t see these when I was in Europe for fashion week either. Do you find the same problem with our own videos?

      • Alba B.

        I use to have the same problem also with your video of superga.

        Lucky there is still UTUBE!!!

      • Highland Fashionista

        Yep. I live in the UK but can usually find the Vid on Youtube if it is something that has been in the news. Stuff pulled from the networks tends to do that here.

  • Highland Fashionista

    She can sing, because she has had access to all of the resources that would enable her to be equipped with what she needs to be able to sing. Personally, I would rather listen to her backup singers unleash their talent. I’ll bet she pales in comparison. I do feel for her sometimes. She reminds me of the attention-starved gal at the college party. I think the country is putting WAAAAAY too much power into her court when it comes to The Downfall of Womens Rights and Western Civilisation For That Matter. She’s young, and LA is a bulk of her experience. Of COURSE her taste is questionable. But lets all not get our collective undies in a bundle. I don’t think my rights as a modern woman are going to fall apart just because one attention-starved starlet likes to shake her ass.

  • Becca

    She’s lip synching the entire song.