Life Lessons According to Fall 16 Men’s Fashion Week Street Style

Men’s fashion week always comes just in the nick of time — when it’s been too long since a real burst of sartorial inspiration was let in through the window, when it feels as though women’s fashion week will never arrive (no matter how imminent it may be!), when you really need something to re-jigger the puzzle pieces that are floating around in your head but just not connecting. Because that’s the thing: those pieces are in our head.

They’re just a little bit too far to the lower right-hand corner. Sometimes they’re on an annoying-to-reach shelf. But what good does any of that do when you’re standing with both of your arms outstretched before a wardrobe of clothes that are laughing in your face. It’s like playing peek-a-boo with a kindergartner who sucks at hiding: you know they’re there. You see them, but you pretend like you don’t for the sake of the game.

It’s exactly where the street-styled show-goers of Fall 2016 Men’s Fashion Week come in — right into the center of the playground, tapping your hidden creativity or inspiration or blazer-that-you-forgot-about on the shoulder and whispering, “Psst. FOUND YOU.”

But everything’s easier with a breakdown, right? let’s begin.

1. You need gloves. They add texture and save your skin.

2. Get a proper umbrella. One with a hook that will latch over your forearm like a steadying hand, with the kind of circumference to offer real coverage. Bonus: it’s an excellent accessory for the dapper human.

3. Turns out that the fedora isn’t douche-y you make it weird. A shock of orange with an otherwise “classic” outfit, for example. Painted-on pineapples over straw with a turtleneck, for another.


4. Suede and shearling are sticking around. Don’t throw them out just yet. Do wear them with a less 70s-literal spin. You know what’s a good state to channel, here? Montana. Make Montana proud.

5. Layer. Layer colors and fabrics and textures. Trust no one who regurgitates quotes about taking one thing off before you leave the house, because they clearly didn’t live somewhere with a true, lip-blue winter.

6. Don’t let your outerwear dictate your outfit. That makes getting dressed so much harder. Rather, stick with your gut picks, then add the coat. Stuff your hands in your pocks and walk like it’s intentional, because if it’s keeping you warm or dry then honestly, it is.


7. Flip your lenses, roll deep, roll your sleeves. If your sleeves are cropped, flaunt a dramatic forearm and really make the most of that punctuating real estate.

8. Find a scarf long enough that it will knock you on your knees.

9. If you’re going to go monochrome, go green.

10. And while it’s really important to be yourself in your clothes and you do you and I’ll do me, let’s allllll take a collective moment to agree that this is also who we’d like to be:


Ah, yeah. Feeling better already.

Photographed by Dan Roberts for unless otherwise noted.


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  • Aydan

    Menswear is incredible! I honestly went on a date the other date only to realize my date and I were wearing the same outfit. Sartorially inspired by the same images? PROBS!!

    • Amelia Diamond

      Haha that’s amazing what was the outfit??

      • Aydan

        black jeans, graphic button ups, trendy black glasses (both of us, mine are real 1960s vintage though–do I get bonus points?!), casual wear shoes (I went with perforated vince), and of course a fabulous color scarf on me. Pretty plain but damn we looked good for a rainy seattle night!!

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  • Yvonne Dunlevie

    I honestly want nothing more than to be this guy

  • First off-this is great. Second-per your reference to gloves…I’m in a pickle. On a trip to Florence last year I saw some leather gloves that I instantly realized I had seen on Serena Van der Woodsen (is that one word?) and impulsively purchased them….but ya know…much like Gigi Hadid…Blake Lively just makes things look good. Please weigh in on gloves below….and factor in that I live in Dallas :/

    • Amelia Diamond

      I AM REALLY TORN ON FINGERLESS GLOVES. (When I’m cold I’m really cold and don’t like my tips poking out. Texting can wait!) If you love them, WEAR THEM, but if you’re wearing them just because SvdW wore them then that’s probably not enough of a reason to keep them.

  • Leah

    I tend to feel more inspired from men’s fashion week than I ever do womens. It’s just all so wearable on a rainy day in the UK, which is the reality for me. Women’s fashion is like yeah that’s cool if I had chauffeur and didn’t have to walk through rainy dirty streets to catch the underground to where I’m going.

    Also that last outfit is perfection personified

  • Leandra Medine

    Yeah, I’m buying that Roksanda top

    • Leandra Medine

      and that mcqueeeeeeeeen sweater. why still so expoooooooonsive?

      • Amelia Diamond

        I DON’T KNOW. It’s made of angel brains.

  • Junglesiren

    The woman in the green flight jacket has excellent personal style. I don’t know her name but I do see her on a lot of fashion blogs and she’s always so cool without looking like she’s trying too hard. I also love that rose-colored turtle neck – must have it… or rather, a less expensive version thereof.

    • Amelia Diamond

      She is SO damn cool.

      • Junglesiren

        What is her name? What does she do? Anyone know?

        • Xhu

          Ana Gimeno Brugada

  • Tales On Silk

    “Find a scarf long enough that it will knock you on your knees” Something like this?

  • Catherine Bohner

    I see white pants. My husband has a pair but when he styles them he looks like a gangster on vacation to Cuba. I don’t think he has cool enough clothes to be like the guy in the orange fedora. Help?

  • Jack

    Yo style. Fittoo (Y)

    Here i find this men’s perfect accessories.: