Mary KatrantSHOE

One time I showed up to brunch wearing a pair of beat up sneakers and everyone called me “Lonely Boy” because they said I was dressed like DAN from Gossip Girl. Next thing I know, sneakers-as-fashionable-footwear became all the rage and everyone eschewed heels in favor of rubber soles at fashion week.

I don’t want to say I started a trend, but I’m also not going to not say that either.

To be fair, though, much like young Mark Zuckerberg a la The Social Network said: “a guy who builds a nice chair doesn’t owe money to everyone who ever has built a chair, okay?” Which basically means…no one owes me money for wearing sneakers or chairs.

And that’s unfortunate (for me and me alone financially, I suppose) because Leandra just wrote a whole thing about how she just loooooves sneakers for Harvey Nichols’ new site — actually I’m going to pause my rant here for a moment to point out that their new website A) looks like a beautiful digital magazine, because B) it is a beautiful digital magazine with work-distracting stories, only C) it is also still a store which means shopping. Now back to my earlier point — in her Harvey Nichols piece she describes her love affair with the sneaker.

And in a story that comes full circle, she has styled her sneax with a Mary Katrantzou coat-cum-dress, do you know why? Because she’s an odd human who eschews pants? Perhaps. But mostly it’s in celebration of the collaboration between Mary Katrantzou and Gianvito Rossi, who have come together to very kindly create the most beautiful floral pumps (which you can win, by the way, if you know how to work a Twitter and what not). Because at the end of the day, sneakers are timeless. They strangely go with everything. But a good pump…a good floral printed, colorful, perfect-shaped pump…why, that’s harder to find than a really nice chair.

Part of a collaboration with Harvey Nichols.