5 Women Making History Today

Gather ’round ladies! Our kind has been Busy this week. Yes that was a capital B. Other capital B words to consider: Boss, Bold, Beyoncé, Best, Bananas, Big. I COULD GO ON. These are aaaaaaall related.

The one missing? Boys. Duh. Here are 5 reasons you should kick your brother out of your tree house this afternoon because…you guessed it!…Girls Rule.

1. Maria Grazia Chiuri May Give Dior a New Look


“Hate to see you go, but I love to watch you leave,” is my fan fiction edition of what Valentino’s Pierpaolo Piccioli said to his creative partner in crime Maria Grazia Chiuri upon learning that she will be the new creative director of Dior.


That is, if it’s true. It’s still a rumor. But Chiuri would be the first female creative director in Dior’s 70-year history! Talk about it in the comments below. Now we wait.

[Business of Fashion]

2. Krispy Kreme is Cool and All, but Elizabeth Warren is a Woman of the People


You probably heard about the sit-in yesterday. But did you hear that Elizabeth Warren threw on her senator cape, whispered, “America runs on Dunkin’!” and rushed over to the House of Representatives with donuts? Then she was like, “You get a donut! And you get a donut!”

Such an Oprah move. Of all the times people have saved the day with donuts, this one might take the cake. Or donut. Whatever.

[New York Magazine]

3. Martha Stewart Crowd Sources Celebrity Gossip


Martha Stewart, patron saint of DIY projects, proved yesterday that she is also equipped to ask the hard-hitting questions of our time. Like, who is Jonathan Cheban? And what does a Jason Derulo strip tease look like?

During an all-too short three-hour period, Stewart took to twitter to find answers, resulting in an eye-opening series of tweets and a newfound appreciation of Jason Derulo’s abs.


4. Cara Delevingne Plays Another Manic Pixie Girl 

If you are feeling a bit of Glastonbury envy, tune into the new trailer for Kids in Love, the latest movie featuring Cara Delevingne. The movie follows the love-sick Jack while he tries to figure out his life during the course of a gap-year, but it’s Cara’s blue eyeshadow and bohemian style that steal the show. Or trailer.


5. Anna Kendrick Sang a Song That Wasn’t About Cups 

Yesterday Anna Kendrick and James Corden stepped outside the confines of his car and got back to their theater-kid roots with a pop-song mashup. The two cycled through old and new love songs and an impressive bout of quick-changes during their performance of “Soundtrack to a Love Song.”

[Entertainment Weekly]

Photo Credits: Cara Delevingne via Nylon from Ealing Studios; Martha Stewart via Martha Stewart