Man, I Like This Watch
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I go through these weird phases where I hate watches and then I like them and then I hate them again and then I like them and I think the root of that internal debacle is based solely on the notion (ha!) that I rarely ever use a watch tell time anymore. With a computer screen in near sight almost always and my phone at arms length definitely always, there’s just no point.

Which means, of course, that when I do fall into my bouts of watching-liking, I’m only wearing them as decoration. This can become problematic because as we all know, certain time pieces can function as the most authentic nod to a man’s tiny penis. Like a ferrari, the bigger, flashier, and louder that it is, the worse endowed he must be. And because I’m a true sucker for a dude’s watch and will almost never look at the female offerings, that may or may not make my balls (ovaries) really tiny from uh, time to time, too.

Which is where the somewhat-happy medium comes in. This watch, made for men but enjoyable for women by Shinola clocks in (it is pun-nation here today) at $525 which, I know, is still pretty steep but relatively speaking actually still offers the bracelet effect (double strap), and an understated sense of elegance that you just can’t make up.

All in favor say happy hour!

[Shinola Watch via Barneys]

  • Molly

    Even with computers, phones, and clocks, nearly everywhere, I find myself flipping my left wrist when I do not have my watch on, only to be disappointed by the sight of bare skin. A watch is my armor that I must have on when I exit the house. Just like the old saying, “testicles, spectacles, wallet, and watch” (minus the testicles).

  • I wore the same watch for 4 years. I only stopped wearing when it finally broke down and I haven’t replaced it since. It was a digital, Guess watch with a leather band that I purchased while working as TV news producer.