Maison Martin Margiela Live Stream

Of the designers guaranteed to make you think, Maison Martin Margiela is right at the top of the list. And what better way to get your thinking cap turnt than while the show happens live before your eyes?

But how, Amelia? How on earth is this possible when I have not planned on attending the show? I was either going to work on an excel spreadsheet or tend to my tomato garden. 

Sorcery. That’s how! Sorcery by way of the Internet by way of a live stream that, as far as blogz go, will only be shown here. So at 1 PM EST, (7 PM in Paris), come back, grab some popcorn, and let’s watch the fashion unfold before our eyes in this very post you’re reading right now.

And don’t worry — if your tomatoes are being needy and you can’t watch it immediately, the show will replay throughout the weekend.

Finally, I don’t feel like working today, so join me in the comments below once it starts and let’s talk about all that we see. And, because we’re typing, no one can turn around to glare at us for doing that loud whispering that is actually worse than talking.


  • Noooo I think my computer battery is going to run out by 10 PST how am I going to survive this Aqua Vortex?

    • Amelia Diamond

      KEEP IT ALIVE! It’s almost starting!

      • Kate Barnett

        also we’ve got it on replay all weekend!

      • I couldn’t, but I did commandeer my boyfriend’s desktop! What have I missed?

        • Amelia Diamond

          It’s gonna loop again! It was sereneeee.

  • Kate Barnett

    charlotte, that looks like your chandelier.

    • Charlotte Fassler

      But it is fancier and French so inherently better!

  • Becca Fleming

    Was anyone else insanely fascinated by Kanye West’s interactions just now? I feel like i’m at a humane zoo!

  • Amelia Diamond

    THE NEW WAY TO HOLD A BAG. into it.

    • Kate Barnett

      they look like gigantic mint pillow candies on leashes and i WANT ONE.

  • Thanks for sharing this!! Amazing:)

  • Becca Fleming

    Camel toe shoes!!!!

    • Jenna

      such an Margiela staple but i love these ones in the metallic!

  • Lily


  • Kate Barnett

    i need to see the shoulder construction on that red dress and ivory coat and navy & white sweater of my dreams up close.

    • Lily

      nouveau ameicana!

  • grace kane

    Love the split toe of the boots. But not the heels. Love the cutaway of coats and tops.

  • Sophia

    Some late 19th century school mistress inspiration in some of the looks? Or the Amish? But the coats – amazing. And the boot/pants also.

  • Savannah

    As I watched, all I could think about were the pieces that I know Zara will be “inspired” by come Fall 2014.

  • I enjoyed your use of “turnt,” Amelia. I was at school, but I cannot wait to watch the show!

  • Malena

    Great silhouettes, love this. The video only took a bit long to start up!

    X Malena