Made With Code

In fifth grade I took a class called History of Computers with Ms. Redline. For my final project I built my very own website, featuring an MS Paint drawing of my dog and fun facts about basketball. At the time I didn’t realize how unusual it was for a nine year old to learn basic HTML (well done, you progressive academic power-house of an all-girls elementary school), but that early experience made the digital world feel both fun and accessible.

As a result, when Google told us about their new initiative, Made With Code — created to expose girls to the world of computer science through a creative lens, while highlighting how nearly everything is, in fact, made with code — I nostalgically envisioned a computer lab of gleeful little girls building pet-and-hobby-centric websites.

Google, however, had something a little more dynamic in mind. In addition to a host of videos from mentors and makers, the site also features starter projects, like coding a bracelet, as a fun first toe-dip. Naturally, Team Man Repeller was eager to try out the project, and thanks to Blockly (Google’s drag and drop visual programming tool, no typing required), even Amelia was able to make one. In true cyber-meets-physical-world fashion, once the code exists, that bracelet is brought to life via 3D printing. And if that doesn’t seem magic enough, Google’s sending the first 250k budding programmers their bracelets for free.

For a look at Team Man Repeller’s first group programming effort, check out the slideshow, and while you’re at it, check out Made With Code, too. Not only is it a worthy and important initiative, it’s also where I made this:


Photos by Krista Anna Lewis