Mad about Puka Shells

I blame Dries.

Had it not been for the Spring/Summer 2014 collection, I may have never so much as thought to uncover the bracelets of Aurelie Bidermann, or the Alaia shoes of yore and Tory Burch’s interpretation on the fractured cone snail in the form of a tiki-tiered clutch.

Alas, though, I’m here and there’s no turning back.

All I can do at this point, frankly, is lure you on board and subsequently request that we try as we might to divorce the implications previously tethered to the shells.

They’re ripe with imagery from terribly directed 90’s romcoms, chock full of young men who make younger women fall in love with them, who promise them the world in exchange for their virginity but instead leave them dejected, defiled, demoralized, with not even a lonesome white chip note to show for their compassion.

Instead, we shall fabricate new implications, ones brimming with runway inspiration and imaginings of a beach off a French coast somewhere (presumably in France) and resolve to abide by a long time tenet of the Man Repeller ethos: that if it looks like a vagina — which in a clawing, vaguely dried out way, it totally does — it’s probably couture.

  • monkeyshines
  • It looks like coffee beans to me – now, where do I go to have my preferences and imagery sorted? 🙂 (love the pictures VERY MUCH)

  • Wow…nice post…great imagination…and cool shoes!!

  • Puka shells clearly rock! And they’re so summery!

  • elistyleblog
  • Lauren

    makes me wish I was an island princess rather than a time poor working girl, not as easy to pull off in the office.

  • Chicspace/Marguerite

    Sorry (not really) for being picky, but the shells above are cowrie shells. Puka shells are the top parts of cone snail shells, they’re round with a hole in the center and were super easy to string into necklaces, which my mom and I did in the 70s (ok I’m….vintage). I still have my necklace but I can’t find my mom’s :/. I’d be fine with puka shells coming back, and I absolutely love all the items you’re featuring (which means it’s time for blogger influence on my wardrobe yet again).