M.I.A. x KENZO for i-D Online

i-D Magazine debuts its new online presence today and I’ve already bookmarked the site for inspiration. Because i-D always manages to do everything ever so cooly, the website launched with the premiere of M.I.A.’s new video Y.A.L.A., an “original i-D commission in collaboration with KENZO and directed by Daniel Sannwald” per the press release.

Y.A.L.A., by the way, is the new YOLO, sort of a reincarnate interpretation of our generation’s slightly morbid mantra “you only live once.” M.I.A is a badass and says, you know what? You’re wrong. You Always Live Once Again.

Honestly, who’s really to claim what happens in the afterlife anyway. All I know is that M.I.A.’s video brought a rave right to my very own computer screen. Leandra and Charlotte looked at me rather curiously as I chair-danced like a maniac, essentially in silence considering the song was playing in my head alone thanks to headphones, with my arms pumping and my head nodding and just doing all the moves I learned on Jersey Shore. (Say what you will but I like how they dance.)

And you know what I said to them?


[M.I.A. x KENZO – Y.A.L.A. via i-D


    I’m clearly doing allot production-wise on this lovely Friday afternoon. This video is stroke (but not life-threatening) inducing.

  • Sandro

    I prefer “Your Ass Looks Amazing”