Lunch Break LOLs

Here are five things to LOL or quietly “ha” about during your lunch break today:

1. Katy Perry went to Hillary Clinton’s book signing and told her that she would write a campaign theme song “if she needed it.” Clinton promptly replied on Twitter with a book pun: “Well that’s not a Hard Choice. You already did! Keep letting us hear you Roar.”[Instagram]


2. If you’re clueless about the World Cup like we are, Rihanna is da one to turn to for play-by-play commentary. She has very strong opinions about the sport and even accused the goal keepers of “getting plucking sleepy.” [Twitter]


3. In the latest version of stars-are-just-like-us-but-not-really, Drew Barrymore Instagrammed herself applying makeup on the subway. At first glance this is a commendable act, but it’s actually just a product placement for Flower Beauty roller ball concealer. [Instagram]

Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 11.25.31 AM

4. The Cut named avocado toast “the most annoying food on Instagram,” saying that it requires “zero cooking skills” and is “like cheese for people who go to barre classes.” Oatmeal with carefully curated fruit is a close second. [The Cut]


5. Sarah Jessica Parker took a ride in her vintage red station wagon with Jerry Seinfeld for his show Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. The two get nostalgic and end up at a diner in the suburbs, where they bicker like an old married couple over how much to tip. [Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee]