Love and Age

This week’s Modern Love chronicles the relationship between a 71-year-old Nora Johnston and her recently acquired, twelve-years-her-senior boyfriend. Her story opens with a skeptical note on the validity of “elderly love” but quickly shuns the notion that it can’t exist, using her relationship as a proof of concept. While I don’t want to summarize the essay or put too many of its eggs in this basket, what struck me as most endearing about this piece was not necessarily in conjunction with the tender relationship chronicled.

The couple resided in Key Largo though Johnson was a native New Yorker until one seminal occured that elicited Johnson’s boyfriend to suggest the two move to New York.

Diehard, native New Yorker that I am, this seemed like the medicinal turning point – the thing that would change everything for the better, that would erase all problems that could have presented themselves but as it turns out, New York may not be the remedy for everything. That’s a hard conclusion to draw. Read the full story here, it’s worth at least a couple looks.

[Age is No Obstacle to Love or Adventure via The New York Times]

  • Greer Clarke

    I love these new little sections, they feel so secret and private, like a little something extra for those who go exploring, especially when no one has commented on it like this one.

  • Greer Clarke

    Update: I just read that article, and I’m really glad I did.