Lou Doillon on Looking Kooky and Staying True to Yourself

I always assumed that if my mother was Jane Birkin and my half-sister was Charlotte Gainsbourg, I’d still ask for their autograph. I picture myself brushing my teeth and then wide-eyeing in horror if my mom (Jane) poked her head into the bathroom mid-foam-mouth just as I was about to spit.

“My mom is the chicest woman on the planet,” I’d lament to my best friend. “I mean, Hermès named a bag after her. She cannot see me scrubbing my taste buds despite that being the apex of good hygiene.” And then my friend would nod in solidarity and understanding, because her mom was Grace Kelly.

It turns out, however, that no matter how “chic,” famous and iconic your relatives are, at the end of the day, they still kind of annoy you. Isn’t that weirdly comforting? Lou Doillon (who is not allowed to see me brush my teeth either), daughter of Jane Birkin and half-sister to Charlotte Gainsbourg, told T Magazine that she used to “hate” her family’s style:

“…my sister Charlotte and my sister Kate and my father Jacques and my uncles and Serge and my mom all had 501 Levi’s, a white T-shirt and a bloody pair of Converse, and I couldn’t stand it. So I was this kind of Christmas tree. I hated the kind of casual chic French vibe. I wanted to be more kooky.”

“I’ve always found that fashion is first of all, mainly for yourself,” she continued, “So my two icons are, on one side, Little Edie from ‘Grey Gardens’ and, of course, like all my generation, I’m influenced by Kate Moss.”

Shine on, you crazy Christmas tree. And in the mean time, can I have your mom’s hand-me-downs?

[Rules of Style | Lou Doillon on Looking Kooky and Staying True to Yourself via T Magazine]

Left Image shot by Christa Klubert, Right via Behance

  • isaobeso

    I love her. I love how despite all the stylish people in her family she manages to shine through, even though her mom is still more of an icon to me.

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  • Okay, the most taxing question I ponder in life is: “where the fuck did all of Jane’s jeans go? Did the daughters get them?”

    I just can’t imagine, if my mother was Jane and she asked me if I’d like any of her old pairs of jeans, saying no. My 2014 resolution is to harbor that perfect, 70s Jane camel toe. I guess it’s more of a strong V than a CT, but I want it.

  • Liz Caruso

    That’s a refreshing attitude, love it when someone is always embracing their uniqueness 🙂

    xo, Liz


  • Kiri Yanchenko

    Yeah I agree – I would totally ask for hand me down too!
    Ha ha – and yes it is weirdly comforting to know that all families are annoying. 🙂
    I though it was just mine!!

  • Lisa Thomson

    She’s interesting and cool.