Lorde Help Us All

It almost feels cliché at this point to talk about Lorde. She’s on everyone’s playlist, iPod, Pinterest and tongue. My inner musical elitist who hasn’t been tapped in a very long time wants to jump out of my own headphones and chastise me for liking music that isn’t supremely esoteric. She remains silent, however, because she also knows that Lorde’s music is just too good to avoid on the premise that “everyone else is listening to it.”

If you haven’t heard of her by now, the New Zealand native is like a young Regina Spektor with her low register and unique lyrics. She gained notoriety with her song “Royals,” but a full listen to Lorde’s freshly released album Pure Heroine has made it clear that Lorde is already far-past the One Hit Wonder stigma and well into “true artist” territory.

If the O.C. were still a show, I’m sure at least one of Lorde’s songs would find a way onto its famed mixtapes. The New Zealander did, however, make it on to the new Hunger Games: Catching Fire soundtrack with a cover of Tears for Fears’ “Everybody Wants to Rule the World.” While we all wait for her version to leak, you can listen to our favorite song so far off the new album fo’ free here.

And in honor of today’s post re: saluting the polo, check out this pink one as worn by the lead singer of Tears for Fears in the original version of the song Lorde will soon cover:

[“Buzzcut Season” by Lorde via Earmilk]; [‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” Soundtrack Revealed via Rolling Stone]

  • Rebeka Osborne

    I definitely had her new album playing as I clicked on over to TMR and read this article. Definitely not esoteric but good nonetheless? I’m a big fan of 400 Lux but Buzzcut Season is good too.

    Also, I really could not agree more that she would have definitely made an appearance on an OC Soundtrack. I really miss that show sometimes (all the time).

  • Trente Chic

    I am totally obsessed with Lorde… her voice, her lyrics… totally ridic

  • Obsessed! She is so unique yet classic at the same time. http://www.lezu.com