Lorde Almighty

The fashion industry crowned Lorde as their newest royal earlier this summer (I’m so sorry, it’s just that the puns come really easily with this one) when the New Zealander’s first hit made its way to US soil.

It’s with good reason. She’s talented, beautiful and completely different from every artist we’ve seen of late.

While Lorde’s been in the gossip rags a bit lately for her opinions on singers like Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, a recent behind the scenes shoot for The Wild showed the 17-year-old’s more amicable, soft-spoken side.

But I actually don’t care about the pop-industry drama. What I care about is the full Dolce & Gabbana look Lorde is pictured in (above) for the cover of The Wild’s upcoming issue, and how I can possibly work a crown-plus-mosaic-dress into my daily wardrobe — with the hair, with the shoulder-dusting door-knocker earrings. So if you’ll please excuse me, I have to go find a teasing comb and a queen to trade headgear with.

Watch the shoot here:

[Behind the Scenes: Lorde’s Wild Cover Shoot]

  • She’s so refreshing. I think she’s sort of the Tavi Gevinson — or at least the flesh version of Rookie Mag — for the music industry. She speaks openly about her support for feminism and doesn’t really need to bank on sexuality to sell a record. It’s the admittedly mundane events that happen in her lyrics that are so relatable to people my age or younger. We don’t all have access to jet set lifestyles or even fairytale relationships that are supposed to reflect actual high school relationships.
    I am actually really encouraged by a lot of female acts in the music industry right now. This is a topic I love so much. I digress though.

    As for the Dolce and the crown, Amelia, I fully support you in taking that sartorial initiative.

  • Rebeka Osborne

    Gosh, I just love her so much. This is great, thanks for sharing.

  • She is insanely talented and I love her look. Please let me know if you find a way to incorporate this crown + jewels + dress into your everyday look; I’d like to as well.

    • Amelia Diamond

      Officially working on it!

  • Céline

    She’s such an inspiration, love her way of thinking..
    thanks for sharing !

  • Kate Alexis Clausen

    Btw, she’s 17 now… 🙂

    • Amelia Diamond

      Oh my goodness she just had a birthday! (November 7!) Happy birthday Lorde! (amending btw, thank you!)

  • liv

    She comes across older than 17 to me, more like early twenties.

  • Akaleistar

    She is amazing, and I’m pretty sure I need everything she is wearing in this video.

  • Quinn

    I went on exchange to NZ and I have mutual friends with Lorde and her sister. From the 6 weeks I spent there, Lorde kind of shows us how their culture is. She is calm, mature, reasonable, and stunning. Literally every human in Auckland is beautiful, it’s in the water, I don’t know. BUT, I think she does a phenomenal job representing people our age and I love to listen to her music on almost every occasion.

    PS: Amelia, I did dress up as Lorde Dissick for Halloween and owned it.

    • OMG! I’d love to see a picture!

    • Amelia Diamond


      • Quinn

        Hey folks, I can’t find a picture of my full ensemble because I got way too hot but here’s what I looked like towards the end of the night. I know, it just looks like Lorde, but to add the Dissick I wore a leopard print jacket and House of Harlow sunglasses. Oh, and numerous chocolate bars were used as cigars. Talk about class. My outfit here is an ultra faboosh Hanes T-shirt, J Brand jeans, Dannijo choker, a crown from the dollar store, and a shit-ton of hairspray to keep my side part in check

        • Quinn

          get it? the crown? because one part of my alter-ego thinks they’re a royal

  • Pahtrisha

    Superior to anything the US puts out. You have Miley Cyrus, we have Lorde.

  • Pahtrisha

    Lorde is an exceptional talent. She has beauty, elegance and stunning vocal ability. At a relatively young age she puts garbage like Cyrus to shame.