Let’s Talk About Tavi Today

Tavi Gevinson’s career is perhaps the online, real-time equivalent of Boyhood: we’ve all spent the past seven years watching her conquer girlhood, the Internet, print and beyond to become the successful 18-year-old that she is today. Now, in addition to a budding acting career, she’s landed the cover of New York magazine’s Fall Fashion issue.

Fashion Director Amy Larocca profiles the soon-to-be-Broadway actress, giving readers a glimpse of Gevinson’s next chapter, or her “meta-adolescence,” as Larocca aptly describes it. Here are five cool things we learned:

1. Stevie Nicks Gave Tavi a Cashmere Hug

Even though she’s moved out of her childhood home, Tavi brought her Stevie Nicks poster with her  and has it tacked above her new desk. Her fangirl dreams came true when she met Nicks once after mentioning the singer in her now-viral TED talk. Apparently, Nicks gave Tavi a “cashmere blanket to wrap herself in whenever she felt like she needed a hug.”

2. Taylor Swift Coached Tavi Through Her Breakup…

The only thing better than a cashmere hug from a rock legend is a real-life hug from Taylor Swift. After breaking up with her high school sweetheart, Tavi consulted the self-proclaimed breakup expert. “I hate being heartbroken,” she tells NYMag, “but who better to discuss it with than Taylor Swift?”

Now that Swift is involved, Tavi’s ex might want to lay low for a while.

3. …And Tavi’s Breakup Rekindled Her Love For Fashion

“Actually, coming out of the breakup has kind of reignited my love for fashion, because it’s a way of asserting a new identity and becoming a new person and giving yourself space.” 

4. Tavi’s Afraid New York Will Make Her a Horrible Person

Tavi asks the question every New Yorker actively ignores: What if I go to New York and I get caught up and I become a horrible person? She’s managed to stay grounded for this long though, which is an epic achievement considering the fate of most child stars.

5. Tavi is NOT the Center of the Universe

And she brings Larocca to the Adler Planetarium in Chicago to prove that very metaphor. She tells NYMag: “Sometimes, when you’re doing a magazine interview, it’s good to remember that you are not, actually, the center of the universe. Like, at all.”

Wise beyond her years, yet still grounded enough to appreciate a well-executed field trip. No wonder this girl’s got the Fall Fashion cover.

To read the rest of the interview and see accompanying photos, head over to The Cut! Then obviously come back and tell us what you think.

[All photos via NYMag.com]

  • Love the interview!


  • Kandeel

    I love Tavi! I have both the Rookie yearbooks and they’re great!

  • Jeanne Canto

    Tavi is def an inspiration

  • Catherine Bell

    Love her!

  • Lyric

    She is just amazing. Love her.

  • s

    I’ve always been a fan of Tavi! Can’t wait to see more of her future




  • wilddarts

    Tavi is so down to earth! It is amazing to think that she is only 18 years old!

    wilddarts.com x

  • Tavi is amazing. I admire her so much for having accomplished so many at such a young age. She’s such a huge inspiration to me. Quite unbelievable we’re the same age haha! X


  • Oh, how I love Tavi. Since we’re the same age I feel like I’ve kind of lived many moments with her. And I love her point on not being the center of the universe. So true. To push this a little further, a sentence from a brilliant opinion piece on the grand canyon from Sunday NYT:

    “Beneath those towering ramparts of unimaginably ancient rock, visitors are reminded that regardless of how impressive our achievements may seem, we are tiny and irrelevant in relation to the forces that have shaped the cosmos, and that we would thus do well to live humbly, and with a sense of balance.”

    ^^^^ I thought that was really brilliant, and I think it’s largely the same sentiment she expressed.
    Also, Tavi writes like a boss. She’s not just “good for her age” she just fucking better than a lot of other people younger, older, whatever.

  • Tracy

    Great interview!


  • I’m glad to see she’s grown into a classy young lady who is just as wacky and articulate as always!

  • Tavi is everything.


  • the coattail effect

    i want to grow up and be just like Tavi