Let’s Get Some Shoes

In honor of Shoesday, let’s do a little shopping.


Nothing gets me going quite like a “New Arrivals” shoe section, and nothing sends me on a hunt through said sections quite like 2:30 PM on a Tuesday after accidentally eating lunch too early.

The Outnet was my first hit, where I instantly bookmarked a pair of green-heeled Marnis (wildly on sale) until I realized they weren’t my size. If you’re a 37, act now before I chop off a toe to make these Pilgrims work.

Next up it was Yoox, where I was hunting for heels but happened upon what I imagine to be the female-equivalent of a Milanese man’s wardrobe staple: the perfect leather moccasin. In my size. Houston we have no problem, because I’m going to wear them with cropped white jeans and look like Yolanda from RHOBH.

After that, it was Barneys, where I fell in love with a pair of green suede bejeweled Pradas — the triple axel of footwear, and then I accidentally found myself on Topshop’s site, yet, again, where my arrow hovered for a while over these black heeled-mules.

On my last stop at Matches a pair of pink patent oxfords caught my eye, mostly because they’re by Amélie (Pichard) so the shoes were quite literally calling my name in French, but also because I’m currently into the color.

And with that, I felt satisfied — market fully assessed.

But of course, it being Shoesday and all, I had to watch the below before finally getting back to work.

Image by Tommy Ton

  • A.D.

    This is one of the most entertaining blogs EVER.
    Loved you sitting with the Hilton sisters on the front row, you guys were super cute!

  • I’m going to ask my godmother to borrow $622 so I can buy the Amelie Pichard ones because her name is also Amelia, and her maiden name is Picardi.. soooo close enough, right?! If not, I’ll betch slap her. Thanks for that video, that defines my first semester of college freshman year… have you seen the “let me borrow that top!” one??

  • isida

    I have such a weakness for shoes!


  • mfashionfreak
    • Amelia Diamond

      and we, you!

  • Charlotte Fassler

    wishing I was a 37 because those Marnis are SO GOOD.

  • jas

    sigh this is like me everyday

    reckless abandon


  • Catarina

    this is my favourite post ever on MR

  • pinkschmink

    Ok, how have I never seen this video before?!