Spanish Tampax Commercials Shit on Ours


Though I can’t understand anything she says in the ad, that doesn’t really matter.  The visual motions alone are just….you fill in the blank because I am at a loss for words.

The academic inside of me wants to launch into some rhetoric about the implications of the male gaze, but I won’t bore you because I for one really enjoy how the men in this commercial look at her with bambi eyes, completely awe-struck at how to use a tampon, like we’re all our own versions of Superwoman or something. Is it that amazing of a feat?


Needless to say, we have a lot of questions:

1. What would Kelly Oxford think?

2. Do you think a Tampax ad like this would ever run in America?

3. Why is that man wearing binoculars and snacking on a leaf?

4. Most importantly, what do YOU think?

Feel free to translate, interpret, all that jazz.

-Charlotte Fassler

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  • Kate Barnett

    i know my spanish isn’t great, but it sounds like the tagline is ‘get wet this summer’?! SOMEONE PLEASE CONFIRM.

    • bea

      haha yes, that is it

    • Clara

      Indeed. I don’t know about English but in Spanish also means risk or dare this summer.

    • santokki

      “Mójate” is literally translated as “get wet”, nevertheless it is spanish slang for “take a chance/risk”

      • a.n.a.l.u

        Is clearly a sexual connotation! It´s an expression when you are way too excited.

    • Luciana Safdie

      “get wet” in spanish definitely doesn’t have the connotation that it has in english though!

  • patricia

    “Look, never before has a tampon been so easy to insert”
    “See? Up to here”
    “And never before had it been so easy to put in the correct place”
    “And this way, you don’t notice anything”
    “This summer, get wet”

    jajajaj amazing.

  • Clara

    It means: using a tampon has never been so easy to introduce and to do it in the right place before, so you don’t notice at all.
    I really don’t know how to translate it better but words are nothing new for a Tampax ad.
    I don’t know what ads are like in America but this is not how they are in Spain, we don’t understand this and find it gross too.

    • a.n.a.l.u

      Lo interesante es que aún siendo un mensaje bastante sensual y un tema posiblemente sensible, lo tocan de forma elegante y divertida, me encanta la gracia española!

      • Clara

        Vaya! No había encontrado a nadie con tu opinión por eso lo he puesto en general. Pero ya se sabe que para gustos los colores.

    • Laura

      You’re right. I’m from Spain too and I (as my friends, too) find this ad absolutely gross and disgusting. Is not that wearing a tampon is a taboo (’cause it’s not) but I don’t want to look that shit on TV! Gross.

      • Clara

        Right? I mean no one, not even a girl has ever taken a tampon from my bag.

  • Gabriela

    It is a Spanish (from SPAIN) commercial not Latin. Yes she is saying: “get wet this summer”.

    • Leandra Medine


      • Gabriela

        Great! Btw I love the redesign of the page.

  • Gabriela Bonilla

    “If I can’t steal her heart, I’ll steal her tampon…”

  • Aubrey Green

    I think it is hilarious, but I also think the sound of farts are hilarious too. I am waiting for a condom commercial to come out like that.
    After Miley’s performance I find nothing shocking. I’m kidding.

    • Espoir

      So here it is!

      “Due to the impossibility to show a man using a condom, we’ll do the demonstration with MIddle Age Knights”

      And even more

      “Last more and be late”

      Humor, ever rough humor full of sexual connotations, is common in Spanish ad industry, but it doesn’t mean than all is permitted. There are watchdogs as Instituto de la Mujer for avoiding sexist approach, by instance. The biggest problem I see in Tampax ad is how cheesy it is, but I reckon I don’t like the point of gaze man over her neither. In fact ad tells nothing else than how misterious is period for men yet.

      By the way she’s a famous Spanish TV star and actress, Amaia Salamanca.

  • isabel

    All of you questioning makes me thin of the following. After living one year in North America I just begin to understand what is the surprise about the commercial. Really, do American men have sisters or mothers? 😉 Sex in Europe is less of a problem as in America… as to the commercial, is also kind of a parody to the stereotype of south european men… behavior… which I find to be also very common in North American men in general. The correct manly attitude seems to be a big concern in America…as to the correct feminine attitude too.

  • Luciana Safdie

    I’m from Argentina (I live in Buenos Aires, guided by a more european culture), and I feel like these subjects are less “taboo” to talk about, men are in general less awkward around women, so this didn’t shock me as much, I guess.

    Also, can we consider that this ad is maybe targeted towards men? Boyfriends/Fathers buying tampax for the women in their lives cause they saw this and (given that they don’t fully comprehend what really goes on) honestly believe that these are in fact the “best” or “easiest” tampons.

  • Holic

    That kind of happened to me once, but without the creepy facial expressions.

  • Bárbara

    I’m from Spain and I wacht this ad on the tv almost everyday. It’s stupid as all the ad of this kind. I can’t imagine a guy so interested in knowing how it works a tampon…

  • Olivia

    What an ingenious feat to look that stylish whilst inserting a tampon into a man’s closed fist…

    Have you seen this Bodyform response to a supposed Facebook post in which a man called Kevin blames tampon ads for his belief that all females have a great time on their periods, riding horses etc..


    Dear Leandre, I´m from Spain and the idea of the commercial is you can go to the pool, to the beach and get wet because you wear Tampax. The girl is a famous Spanish actress, but in my opinion the commercial is the worst I´ve seen, vulgar and promotes sexual taboos. We all know what is a tampom for. Sorry for my English. Xoxo.