Late Night Just Got So Funny Again

Now that Jimmy Fallon is hosting the Tonight Show and Seth Meyers is on Late Night duty, I’m thinking about rearranging my weekday evenings from here on out to exclude plans of any sort so that I don’t repeatedly have next-day-FOMO about all the funny things that happened while I was lord-knows-what-ing. Goodbye friendships. Adios, dad-ios. So long, responsible bed time. I have a lot of TV to watch now.

How else am I expected to keep up with the witty, can-I-be-your-guys’-friend-too-banter between Fred Armisen and Meyers?

Or quell my retrospective panic that I missed Amy Poehler being as charming as Meyers is handsome?

Catch my drift?

Now, who’s with me?

[Watch Seth Meyers and Fred Armisen’s Adorable First Late Night Banter via Vulture; Amy Poehler Is a Showbiz Party of One via Late Night with Seth Meyers’ YouTube]

  • Wow, this show must be amazing!

  • Oliver Lips

    I love this little scene you posted with Amy. She’s so natural and funny, definitively a great (/ weird) first guest 🙂

  • Finally some youth and actual comedy on late night tv, I may just start paying for television again.

  • Ana González

    Can´t wait to see Seth Meyers. I didn´t know about Fred`s new show! that´s great! too much TV to watch!


  • Kori G

    So great seeing all these SNL alums make it big! Great post.

  • Georgia Booth

    So upset Late Night isn’t on in Australia!