Last Call! SSENSE Is Making it Really, Really Hard for You to Say No

There is an argument that says when considering sales it’s not about how much money you spend, it’s about how much you save. This seems like a distorted if not entirely careless tenet because if, for example, something costs a billion dollars but is, drumroll please, 90% off, who’s to say that you — or I — have any business going into debt on the account of dollars “saved”? What about those that have gone spent?

I like to think that when e-tailers launch their not-so-end-of-season sales, they understand this lament.


And every single time this happens, I do the same thing and not consider the dollars spent but instead marvel in those that have been saved. When I say “this” I am referring to the bi-annual SSENSE sale, which starts at 30% then escalates and becomes 60% off, then 70% until finally, for three glorious days, everything on sale is an additional 20% off. Practically free, you know? Only not free at all.

This season, I forewent liquid assets for one floral print Nina Ricci skirt and a pair of white linen pants that make me feel like a Backstreet Boy in pursuit of the perfect wind shower.

I could have gone on longer with Oliver Peoples’ optical specs but I don’t wear glasses, and Charlotte Olympia’s red and black suede booties but they didn’t have my size. I’d considered the culottes of Roksanda Ilincic and the bathing suits of Mary Kantrantzou and Kenzo but then I had to say to myself, self slow your roll. Be a friend and share the wealth.

So here we are. Happy $hopping.