Can We Talk About the Westashian Wedding?

I spent more time than I should feel comfortable admitting oscillating between the Instagram accounts of Kendall, Kylie, Khloe, Kourtney and, of course, Kim, over the Memorial Day weekend in anticipation that I might find a photo of the latter’s lucky numero tres wedding to self-proclaimed god, Kanye West.

If you read Man Repeller, you know that I am vaguely (fine, saliently) obsessed with Mr. West. Sometimes, this is because I point blank appreciate him (see: Oatmeal, among other mad libs), while other times it’s because he is so unapologetically himself that even if his tenets strongly disagree with my own, I feel like it’s my moral obligation to give the man credit for doing “him.”

And, I guess, for doing Kim.

Because, well, let’s consider the expansive changes from Humphries wedding #2 to this past weekend’s wedding #3. If this isn’t a #transformation what in the good name of before and after selfies is?

If we’re playing the compare and contrast game where outfitting is concerned, dress #2 was obvious in that way that enormous, princess-y wedding gowns are. And it just further sealed the nail in the coffin that is the battle between red carpet and fashion. 

Coming from a girl who wore the poster child for prototypic wedding gowns cloaked by an organza motorcycle jacket plus a flower crown and multifarious gold chains on her day of matrimony, I can’t actually be one to judge, though. Fashion? I think not. Ridiculous? Ab-so-fucking-lutely. But I digress.

This Florentine event to go down in the books of pop cultural history came complete with a customized Givenchy gown which, as you’re aware from the happy blunder that was the Met Ball 2013 (and the subsequent photoshopping that all but tried to eradicate Kardashian’s murky garden of silk) could have totally gone either way. And yet, it made a strong case for the blurring of the lines between the aforementioned red carpet and fashion. She didn’t just look pretty, she looked cool.

And her slick, middle-parted hair, which maintained cascading locks that didn’t scream curling iron were a nice deviation from the funky updo + dramatically expensive headpiece of yore.

Still, what I find most interesting in this grand discernment is simply that I cared this time around. Enough to Instagram hound and write 400 words on the ceremonious event and Google-search pictures from her last wedding to lend salt to those words’ worth.

And as far as I’m concerned, this is a huge coup on the part of Kanye West.

NOW, do you have an opinion? If so, do you want to share it? If not, why not? If you don’t have an opinion at all, what are you thinking about right now? Can you tell me in emojis? Thanx.

[Kim and Kanye’s Wedding Pictures are Actually Sweet via Jezebel]

*Editor’s Note: That is not a robot arm pointing a gun at Kris Humphries’ head. If anyone knows what it is, feel free to expound! – Charlotte

  • boyfriendsandblazers

    Sometimes i think about introducing Kayne West as my boyfriend to my Israeli father…..Dad this is Kayne. HE IS GOD. SORRY HES NOT JEWISH. WE’RE GETTING MARRIED.

  • Tess Harrison
  • Carolina

    We are all entitled to transformations and hopefully she is happy growing into hers, I just suspect a tad of compliance with her man in becoming who he wants her to be.
    All that aside, she looks amazing!

    • jmt

      I believe when you truly love someone, it’s less about being in compliance and more about evolving with that person. Your man will definitely be a style influence based on what you get into together. I’ve noticed a lot more athletic wear in my laundry lately, because I do a lot of outdoor active stuff with my new-ish man. That said, the first dress is very pretty, and she looks flawless, but it’s boring in a cookie cutter way… I assume a reflection on her relationship with CHumphs. As for the second look, maybe I’m bias due to my busty-ness, but this is something I would wear and love. She looks elegant— and Kate Middleton was no doubts an influence, but that’s because it’s a more palatable, pretty look on most women.

  • francesca oprandi

    I think it would have been more spectacular to see them leave right after the ceremony on a motorcycle, channeling “bound 2” (and by channeling I mean naked Kim and tie-dye shirt on Kanye), only with a “just married” sign behind.

    • Binks

      Omg. Like in Grease. Riding away into the sunset to Bound 2. So dreamy. Can someone make a gif of this?

      • binks


  • grace kane

    I am more interested in seeing this: “the poster child for prototypic wedding gowns cloaked by an organza motorcycle jacket plus a flower crown and multifarious gold chains on her day of matrimony”. Really. Not. Kidding.

    • Leandra Medine

      I’m not proud of it, but I knew I wouldn’t be:

      • Paola Tomeo

        Your wedding dress and accessories were the bomb!!!
        You killed it.

      • Ashley Garcia

        I love the shit out of your wedding day look!
        You SHOULD be proud of it… xoxo

      • Maartje

        ARE YOU KIDDING?! you look fucking PHENOMENAL. I want to print this and stick it on the wall in my new kitchen the way traditional Brits have a portrait of the Queen hanging somewhere in their house.
        Leandra >>>> Kimye to the power 10.000.

      • Shit, for bridal, that is downright subversive. And awesome, of course.

  • AP

    Love him or hate him, we have to acknowledge his awesome sense of style. I totally love him and it’s not because of his personality. That being said, and no matter how hard it is to admit, he has transformed Kim style in such a positive way. Am I the only one who just feels dirty for coveting her clothes???

    Anyway, the first gown, hair, make-up were awful. This time she (or Kanye, Ricardo Tisci or whoever) nailed it!

  • Warmleatherette

    I got the feels that she had Kate Middleton envy, and was trying to make that happen. It didn’t. The palace, the guards, uh, NO.

  • Now I’m curious about what is this thing above the head of Kris Humphries!

  • GapToothedGirl

    I don’t care, but I care!!!

    xox, Gap.

  • Maureen Krezel French

    you really spend too much time on this subject. but you are entitled to. hope you enjoyed your Memorial Day weekend!!

  • Omar

    No thoughts, just noticed you really like saying “but I digress” a lot. I like that. I used it in one of my essays for University and got a good mark. So yeah…

    • Leandra Medine

      Omar! O yeah! I got caught on lots of words/phrases.

  • Sarah

    They look both classic and cutting edge– so high style, whats not to love?!

  • cyndiramirez1

    I still can’t get over the fact that she married Kris Humpries in the first place. Not like she’s such a 10 or anything, but he’s… special. Also, poor 1st guy who gets absolutely no love.

  • Magdalena

    She looks lovely, can’t deny that (even though I would love to).

    However, I have the strongest conviction that the transformation she underwent has
    nothing to do with her personal style. I think she just did it to please Kanye
    and convert herself into a cool and chic girl. With all honesty, she doesn’t
    look like herself, and that was kind of the main attraction from the Kardashian
    dynasty… The glittler, super tight dresses and all that hair.

    I dare say, as well, that her whole family lived a process of ‘change’ because they
    look a lot nicer and less ba ba boomish than usual in the
    reception/lunch/whatever that Valentino held for them.

    I’m not a fan of hers, but I believe that her image change, which was best
    portrayed at her wedding, isn’t as meaningful as it should’ve been.

    In conclusion her dress was fab!

    • Who doesn’t want to transform into a cool and chic girl?! Haha I’m waiting for my day to come..

    • Neelam

      I agree! This ‘transformation’ is down to Kanye and his stylist. It seems as though Kim is just given a load of outfits and told to wear them. There is none of her personal style showing. I think it’s quite sad.

  • Paulina

    I like the hair.I’m not so sure about the lace opening in the middle of the dress though. I would’ve liked to see a simpler, more elegant front. Can’t wait to see the outfits of all those glamorous guests…!

  • Jacqueline Ho

    I agree, she has improved in her wedding style with the influence from kanye. I hate to admit it, but this time around she pretty much nailed her wedding gown, hair, and everything. But of course I thought your take on the wedding dress was way cooler (Leandra, i’m talking about you 😀 )

  • Is the thing above his head possibly a microphone/camera thing covered in wedding white from filming the ordeal?

  • Jessica Jernigan

    For quite awhile, Kimye evinced nothing more than vague distaste for me. I didn’t know enough about either of them to dislike them in any detailed kind of way, just…. Ick. Then I watched “Bound 2,” and I gave up. (This was sort of similar to how my loathing of Jeffrey Koons — about whom I knew enough to despise passionately — turned into a googley-eyed crush when I first saw “Puppy.”) Kim’s dress is perfect for her, Kanye has a sweet smile on his face, and I wish them nothing but the best. Dream on, you crazy dreamers. Dream on.

  • saggo_bones

    Maybe they had the wedding over Memorial Day weekend so that people wouldn’t have to be ‘confronted’ with it, ie most of us were too busy with the holiday to care (Even though from the comments I think people may feel bombarded regardless). I’m heavy into the hype but (actually) had not seen any photos til your post. Thought they looked exquisite by the way. Flower wall perfect for photo ops.

    • saggo_bones

      Because, well, let’s consider the expansive changes from Humphries wedding #2 to this past weekend’s wedding #3. If this isn’t a #transformation what in the good name of before and after selfies is? ###PREACH (love it)

    • pamb

      I think they had the wedding over Memorial Day weekend because news would be slow, so the focus would be on them.

  • francesca

    aside from my personal opinions of the two of them, i like the dress. I prefer the back of it than the front only because the cutouts make it look a bit lobster-bib like. that being said it’s gorgeous. also, i am just glad to see more people embracing sleeves.

  • MappBressan

    I too was obsessed with all things #Kimye this weekend. I wish I could deliver a salient and intelligent argument for why but I cannot so I won’t. I credit Kanye for removing Herve Leger bandage dresses from her closet and replacing her double stack platforms with perfection Alaia sandals. Surely this is worth celebration.

  • ReadER451

    Not to be outshined, North wore cutom Givenchy baby haute couture. Show us the goods, North!

  • Haley Rosnthal

    I believe that the “robot arm” is a video camera. I’m assuming that it was for The Keeping Up wedding special thing… ALSO I totally agree that the effect of Kanye on Kim’s style is TOTALLY noticeable in her choice of wedding dress from then to now. I think that (apart from you and Abie, obvi) they’re one of the most fashionable couples. Also on the note of whether we should care or not…I do care about keeping up with the kardashians so I may as well embrace it. #noshame

  • PoppyWeddingWasCooler

    There was too much fuss for the K&K wedding for nothing really. It was a very short wedding in which guest were obliged to jump from a country to another overnight. How do you want to enjoy a party in France in Versailles if you have to catch a plane to be in Florence the next morning???? Moreover just the fact that it will be broadcasted on E! is a killer!!! No one is mentioning Poppy Delevingne wedding which took place at the same time in Morocco with plenty of rich and famous in an amazing privatized riad for the occasion with fireworks, parties in the desert etc etc it seems to be way way much cooler, funnier and authentic! Guests were not obliged to drop their phone! She had a super 70’s spirit dress designed by Emilio Pucci this way much cooler that any of the fancy K&K overrated stuff! Just the rose wall which could be a good idea on paper just looks like it was borrows from a Dior runway This is totally the kind of ridiculous stuff Kanye is doing, he strong lacking any sense of humor

    • guest

      i dont think it will be broadcasted on E!

      • PoppyWeddingWasCooler

        Watch and learn …. What did they get USD15mn for this wedding? Mama Kardashian has monetized it as always Broadcasting their private life is the family business Even the proposal was brodcasted on E! aka on The Kardashian Do you remenber?

        • Ashley Garcia

          Some aspect of of this wedding will show up on E, either on KUWTK or as a special. I think I read that the prep was filmed, but not the actual ceremony. I also read that since she got $15m for the Humphries wedding, that Mother Jenner was saying they would need more for this one. Wonder if she donates any of her earnings to charity? I highly doubt it unless it’s for a tax break….

    • I loved the flower wall though!

    • Binks

      Just saw a pic of Poppy’s Pucci wedding dress… WOW.

      The pictures from her wedding look so fun. We need a write up on THAT wedding and not Kanye and Kim Kardashian’s.

  • Penny Lane

    She legit looks so classy!!

  • Rob obviously left early because he knew he could just catch Kim’s 4th wedding. In due time…

  • I’m pretty sure the “robot arm” is one of the microphones and camera’s used to film the wedding! x


  • Emily

    I adore her dress – I think she looks beautiful, much more classy than her previous wedding dress.

    Emily xx //

  • She’s so much more sophisticated now, no in-your-face boobs and ass anymore. I like who she’s growing into, stylewise.

    • Sarah

      But she hasn’t grown into her style. Kanye styles her, he’s been her svengali ever since they’ve gotten together. And it’s gross.

      From the way Kanye speaks of her, he always renders her in terms of her beauty and her status as a celebrity. It’s sad that no one is talking about this aspect of her relationship and I have no doubt that when they split up and Kanye makes his second 808 and heartbreaks, he’s going to be rapping about how *he* made Kim.

      He did the same thing with Amber Rose and also talked about how he made her into a star.

      Anyway, I obviously have a lot of “feelings” about this.

      • There’s some truth to that. But I also think Kim is a thirty something, and old enough to make her own decisions. The more I think about them the more I realize I have a lot of feelings about them too, like maybe they bonded over both losing a parent at a young age in the public eye, maybe kim started to tell kanye she likes fashion and he was like, shut up. You don’t know anything about it. …maybe the Kardashians are a family kanye never had (dude I can get so dr Phil so quickly). I don’t know. Maybe I’m ok with it cos on a deeper level Kim knows she’s misunderstood…and doesn’t give a shit. I definitely respect that.

      • Binks

        Lol I feel the same way. The dynamic between Kanye and Kim is weird– she’s like his little project. He doesn’t accept her the way she is. He likes the IDEA of her… not who she really is.

        Kim’s naturally more Cavalli and less Givenchy. We all know she’s dying to put on a leopard print bandage dress right now . She never looks happy in photos anymore. High fashion, art, european culture, and just general refinement isn’t her thing.

        And can we talk about how much her face changed after she got with Kanye? Her nostrils are permanently flared.

        • Neelam

          Exactly! I agree with everything you wrote! It’s sad how he always states that she is the most beautiful and the most famous, but he rarely/never compliments her on her personality or any other qualities she may have.

  • Praise the #Lort, sleeves are back!

  • hahahaha I felt exactly the same 🙂

  • Wayyyyyyy too many resources went into this wedding and its various affiliated events. No beuno.

  • Mel Carrero

    My thoughts are the same as your thoughts, so thank you, as always Leandra. I LOVE YOU!

  • Karina Munoz

    My thoughts: Kimye’s relationship is like the color black. Modest and arrogant at the same time. It’s easy but mysterious. But above all black says this: “I don’t bother you – don’t bother me. They are chic and have chemistry. Self confidence is the best outfit. She rocked it and owned it! Go girl!

  • I think it was just as over the top this time, it just was in different ways. She toned down her dress but the even itself was a debacle.

    Third times a charm Kim. Or, so they say.

  • From


  • Juliana

    Please, Lena (or somebody!) tell me what the fuck is going on with this?!
    Please, what’s happening? Why are we putting these two in such pedestal?
    Why is FRANCA SOZZANI talking about this couple as if they were the royal couple? Why is CARINE ROITFELD into it? Why ANNA WINTOUR approves a COVER IN VOGUE?
    Why is everybody acting like this is not the most classless pair?

    I’m starting to think Kanye is paying for all this, I mean, this fashion-people-madness for them. Please someone give me an answer!
    Am I the only one who think this?

    • Juliana

      (Also just realized clearly I’m going mad because instead of Leandra I wrote Lena. Ok. I need answers I guess.)

  • gina
  • Nami M. Scott
  • They look both classic and cutting edge– so high style, whats not to love

  • menowjustsayin

    numerous people (who can afford it) have fashion stylist yes and she has a ‘god’ who finally has reached some fashion sensibility. why all this harp about her becoming the woman he wants…who cares, she finally looks more than halfway decent! almost normal for the fashion lovers in us. stop the barking.

  • Pamela

    i agree it was a nice change but it seemed to be Kanye’d wedding not a Kim. Let’s see if if even lasts long enough for us to discuss the dress..