Kate Spade Saturday
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File this one under pleasantly surprising e-commerce findings care of the worldwide Internet. Have you clicked through Kate Spade’s Saturday shop yet? It is fucking adorable and has just about everything from printed denim jackets to utility jumpsuits and polo t-shirts. This, in addition to some nifty home and travel knick knacks.

I’m not sure if I’m more interested in learning how they could have possibly obtained their url (which is, Saturday.com) or paying more attention to how pleasant the underlying message seems to be: it is always Saturday somewhere.

Also, I really appreciated that when Lena Dunham instagrammed about the shop (I think it should be noted that this story has been in queue for days–days, I tell ya!) earlier today, she felt she had to disclaim that her commentary was not a sponsored post. Chased with, “Can’t believe I have to say that.”

I second that, Dunham.

[Kate Spade’s Saturday]

  • Sofia K.

    do you and Lena Dunham have the same mirror/closet situation? her selfie looks familiar,just there’s no Leandra in it!