Karl Lagerfeld Interviews Himself

I want to stab myself for only seeing this now, for the first time, almost a full two years post its initial launch on Net-A-Porter’s YouTube channel. In fact, it just occurred to me that I probably only interviewed myself six months after this surfaced because somewhere, in the innermost trenches of my guts, I knew someone had already done it and probably (now definitely) better at that.

So, go ahead and watch this belated nine minute video clip of Karl Lagerfeld interviewing himself — even if you’ve already seen it. It can be filed under Shit I Was Not Expecting But Am So Excited That I Found. He is very funny. Two of my favorite discoveries about the Kaiser include his aversion to the word “muse” and the fact that, “if you think your life is more important than your work, that might be a problem.”

He also thinks the Internet is “the most important thing today,” which is followed by what has become perhaps my favorite quote of all time. You can rest assured I will plagiarize it and subsequently deliver it in the staccato.

So, ready? “I never think about the good old days because they weren’t that good, uh? Just old.”


[Face to Face: Karl Lagerfeld via YouTube]