5 Things to Do on a Tuesday

Welcome to the afternoon: the sun is shining, the birds are singing and the temperature is rising both literally and figuratively. If that isn’t enough to get you up and out of your chair, I’ve prepared for you a little internet to-do list to make your time indoors feel almost as worthwhile as the sun on your face.

1. First! Listen to Kanye’s new track and then play his video game.

In the prolific words of Kanye West, “Our work is never done.” Hence his newest single, which is now available on iTunes and Spotify. Doesn’t The Life of Pablo feel like just yesterday?

But if you are looking for the softer side of Kanye…

Then check out his video game tribute which follow’s his mother’s journey to the gates of heaven and silence all your friends who claim Kanye doesn’t have heart.

[Paper Magazine] [The Fader]

2. Then, watch this Pixar short while you’re at it.

Pixar feels the struggle that is trying to feed oneself in this big old world and made an adorable short movie about a baby bird trying to do just that.

The short will be shown in theaters before Finding Dorywhich comes to town June 17.

[Vanity Fair]

3. Next, text your bff about it.

Apple is finally updating Messages with options like a button that will “emojify” a sentence for you and ways to order lunch via text. All proof that we have peaked as a species.


4. But don’t text that guy.


Now that ghosting is so 2015, the dating world has come up with a new way to let you down: benching. As in, “On the roster but not in play.” Ugh.

[New York Magazine]

5. Finally, dance away the bad juju with Desiigner.

Why? Because it’s finally summer, Wall Street is a place, and Amelia gave “Panda” a 12/10 on the danceability scale.


Piper image from Disney via Gizmodo.