Ka Ching: Dannijo Launches Handbags
Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 10.39.50 AM

I participated in a “bag spill” for Dannijo.com which is why we’re left with the illustration cited above but far more interesting than the imagery is the intent of the spill — Dannijo has just launched handbags and they are good. Good in the same way that a beaded bib festooning a plain white tank and equally quotidian jeans is.

The silhouettes run a gamut — there are the Lyptons, a small sized flap over silhouette plus shoulder strap which come in powder blue, camel, multi-camel, red and black + Dannijo chain and impressively fit much more than you might think they could.

Then there are a couplet of easy-to-wear clutch styles that feature details that prove the bags are the brain children on the jewelry design duo with their crystal straps or bead detail. And then there are totes which may or may not function as the carry-all we’ve (I’ve?) been looking for — large enough to holster a computer, small enough not to make you feel like Rachel Zoe, or an Olsen circa 2005.

I’m personally on team Lypton, as evidenced by the sketch but that’s just me. Mosey over, take a look around and let me know which bags you like, eh?

[Dannijo Handbags via Dannijo]

  • Androbel

    love the totes and lypton. A little expensive for the ones with hardware, no? love them, anyways!




  • Alba B.

    Who’s the illustrator behind the picture?!!!
    It’s very nice one!

    • Leandra Medine

      Isn’t it great? Let me fnd out!

      • Kandeel

        yes please! This watercolour is amazing!

      • Alba B.

        Yes, indeed!!
        I would like to show you mines one day, once you will sign my (your) book!!!

  • Love the neutral color blocked Lypton! Also obsessing over this illustration…

    xx Ella