Just Like Cavemen?

Yesterday we spoke about the general aversion that now permeates our culture toward answering the phone. The article wasn’t about disconnecting in general, but rather on avoiding a more direct form of human interaction in favor of texting (“Sorry I’m in a meeting!”) or reading Twitter, checking out Facebook, etc.

If texting is the gateway drug to forgoing person-to-person contact, then what are Emojis? In a recent Business Insider article, one author wonders at teenagers’ usage of the gummy, bright emoticons in favor of actual words.

But I’m not a teenager…and I do this too. If I’m hungry and want to get food I might text a friend the burger and fries with a question mark to follow. (At least I’m still employing use of proper punctuation.) But I’ll also respond to a friend’s sad text with a frowning yellow face, and if someone asks me my plans on a Saturday night you know they’re getting the leotard twins plus red-dress-salsa-lady in return. Are Emojis aiding in a reverse-evolution process wherein we communicate like cavemen, where a smiling soft-serve swirl of poop has become a whole paragraph in and of itself?

I’m sure there are many who would like to believe so for sake of arguments and finding yet another point of contention with Gen Y…but even our parents have come to learn this shorthand by way of Pictionary. Emojis are fun. They soften blows and offer a response when words fail. Sometimes — I don’t know about you — my thumbs hurt and texting full sentences are just as laborious as explaining my plans by way of vocal chords.

For the sake of our sanity it’s best we just assume teenagers use Emojis for the same reasons we all do, and that the overwhelming global lexicon isn’t doomed because someone wants to send, as the author pointed out Girls’ Shoshanna was known to do, a panda next to a gun next to a wrapped gift. So what if it doesn’t make sense? Anything is better than “K.”

Thoughts? Comments? Questions? Concerns? Can’t wait to hear it all in the comments section. Too bad you can’t leave an Emoji. =(

[‘People Don’t Use Words Anymore’ via Business Insider]

  • L

    I wish there was an emoji for white wine instead of just red wine. I could be so much more descriptive with that. I think our “recently used” emojis say more about us than anything. They’re a barometer for what kind of day we’ve had.

  • Raquel

    Let’s talk about the real issue here: is it poop? or ice cream????

    • Charlotte Fassler

      Poop, definitely smiling poop.

  • sandra

    omg, seems this post was written for me! i always text with emojis, sometimes i think my friends get tired of it – specially when i send the ugliest and awkward ones.
    The ones i’m using lately are the tongue, the hammer & the bomb (wreaking ball). But my favorites are the cigarette and the coffee #healthylife

  • Lynn

    The most worthless emoji – well there are a few, but WHAT is up with the awkward aqua blouse with the royal blue sash? Paired with the princess could it be a Miss America emoji?! A crossing guard uniform perhaps?!

  • Ludapris

    I’m so behind I don’t even have emojis! Ahh, what does that say about me?? Half the time I do not even know what people are trying to say. I feel like Ray….

    • Aubrey Green

      I don’t have emojis either! I actually don’t care for them – I mean the smiley, or sad faces I get, but I don’t know… I don’t even really like the abbreviations, so what does that say. Isn’t it faster to just type the word out, instead of looking for the right emoji – asked the girl who doesn’t use them?

  • Sarah M.

    I think it’s just one more evolutionary step towards the eminent use of telepathy.

  • QuiennovistedeZara
  • alejandra

    It drives me crazy how they do not have an emoji for scotch. They have wine, martinis, beers, (actually they have TWO beers.) UGH. A MARTINI DOES NOT CUT IT.