Jimmy Kimmel Pranks Loiterers at NYFW
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We’re a bit behind on the fruits of the Internet thnx to fashion week, so sorry if you’ve already seen this. Just pretend like you haven’t.

Jimmy Kimmel sent his crew to Lincoln Center to prank those who linger in ernest outside of The Tents. He asked them their opinions on made up designers like Purina Chow and George Costanza. “I like more of his style,” replied one girl when asked about the Seinfeld character who is not a designer. (Actually though, us too. George Costanza has a very Michael Kors SS14 thing going on, what with his khaki trousers and practical sneakers. And he wears a lot of flannels which is cool.)

Anyway the video is super cringe-worthy and invokes a whole lot of second hand embarrassment. These poor kids are just trying to put on some funky pants and soak up the fashion. If someone came up to me with a video camera and started asking me weird shit I’d probably panic and lie too.

But dear pog, I hope I wouldn’t say yes to the uniboot.


[Lie Witness News – 2013, via Jimmy Kimmel Live]

  • Andrew

    I can just imagine the uniboot being all the rage for FW 2014.

  • This was the best thing ever! lol.

    George Costanza… hahaha


  • Christina Ooi

    Hahaha! There is a similar Cochella prank πŸ™‚


  • Elli

    thanks for the good laugh !

  • Charlotte Amy

    Haha that’s so funny. I wonder how many people they interviewed you knew it was a prank?


  • Charis

    this shows the side of the pretentious fashion people who are full of shit and trying to fake it to make it. it’s disgusting.

  • Almost too painful to watch… πŸ™‚

  • Haha that’s hilarious! I feel so bad for those kids! I want the uniboot to become a real thing just to see if anyone would actually wear it!


  • It’s been a long discussion for people who don’t understand fashion,
    people who don’t live just for fabrics and needle, that fashion people
    are foolish and dumb. I have a thought on that, that along with
    Nietzsche, every time people make fun of fashion, I would just say,
    “β€œAnd those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who
    could not hear the music.” Meaning, those people just have a different
    favourite genre of music, and they can’t hear or enjoy what I hear and

    But it’s difficult to stand up for that belief, when so-called fashion
    people keep failing to show that they have brains. All in their head is
    how to look good fashionable (or so they thought it would be). Which what this video strengthens. Those people, who adore
    fashion, who some of them might live for fashion, think that acting
    ‘knowledgeable’ about fashion would make them really know about fashion.
    And the worse, lying about it. They forget that what they put on their
    bodies might look good for the camera, but when there is microphone in
    front of your mouth, how you use your brain’s capacity and capability is
    inevitable. The foolishness level is uncountable, that it disgraces
    other people who really know about fashion, and who really work hard for fashion. Shame.


  • in2ulikeatrain

    cringe worthy!

  • mckenzie.collins

    Hahaha, such a relevant prank! This is hilarious! I sort of understood when people said “yeah, I like their clothes” or something very vague when asked about someone they’d never heard of but saying such specific comments like “yeah, I just saw them” or “great silhouettes” just dug them in a hole!


  • littlewoot

    I saw that green-haired asshat at an event for teenage girls (RookieMag). And while I don’t judge him for going it was just hard to picture him at an event like that, just as it is hard for me to picture him being at NYFW and knowing what ‘fashion’ is. Anyone who says they know all about something just to seem cool is an asshat in my book.

  • Sharon

    That video just made my day!
    All the people being interviewed looked so confident. They just lied in a heartbeat (except for one intelligent lady who honestly replied that she didn’t know the designer)

    Now I’m wondering how I would react …


  • Anastasia Folorunso


  • Liz

    The Willie Loman collection makes me so, so sad. Maybe they should put the short fiction back in the mags… or create some sort of “flash fiction” for Instagram. Steal my ideas! They’re free!

  • Tina

    There is nothing wrong with saying you don’t know the designer. We are all learners in this world of fashion and simply can’t learn enough. I’d say they are posers more than loiterers #sad

  • Caroline

    This is horrible. It’s one thing when Sacha Baron Cohen did it as Ali G, fooling politicians who should have known more about their subject, but these are just star-struck kids. I can’t bear vicious ‘comedy’ like this and I also can’t understand the other commenters who have called them ‘disgusting’ and a ‘disgrace’. Paedophiles are disgusting. These kids are just trying to be part of something.