10 Takeaways from J. Crew Winter 2016

One of the best things about New York is that every restaurant offers delivery and takeaway. The latter is especially true if you grab the dinner of a stranger who is solo dining al fresco and run, but just as you don’t need to steal blazers from your dad anymore thanks to smart womenswear designers, you don’t have to break the law to takeaway styling tips from J.Crew. In fact, all you have to do is scroll through the above and then…

1) Pair plaid with patterns and kicked-up-a-notch-pastels.

2) Don’t let baby blue get away with being such a child — scare it with snakeskin and leopard. Together.

3) A preppy waxed jacket can get New England literal, fast, especially when worn with khakis. Shake it up with a lesson in hyperbolic layering: gingham under denim over sequins plus paisley.

4) Only do naked legs if you’re safe and sound indoors.

5) Make your pajamas your new party dress, because moonwalking is easier in slippers, splits are less painful in silk and nothing makes itself more useful at 4 a.m. than the ability to crash comfortably without changing.

6) Wrap your scarf around your neck like a Diane Keaton turtle dicky, especially if your knit and office is too hot to bear an under-layer.

7) Stop saving your fancier skirts for occasions. They’re fair game with Fair Isles.

8) How to make a suit more interesting (printed or not) in one easy step: add a turtleneck underneath the buttoned-down button down that’s assumed with a trouser + blazer.

9) Pink trim will make your green parka feel less utilitarian, in a good way.

10) Wear a sweater tied sideways around your hips. When done with a suit, it’s like a corporate sarong, which makes your outfit the sartorial equivalent of a staycation.

Now have at it!

Photographs courtesy of J.Crew and BPCM.


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