J.Crew Commercial Is a Rabbit Hole of Fun

I’m one of those people who loves commercials. The emotional ones almost never fail to elicit watery eyes (Holy hannah, have you seen that one where the daughter is at college and she’s always video chatting with her dad and then you realize the mom has passed away? Gets me every time.), the catchy ones get stuck in my head, and the funny ones make me laugh out loud. Just yesterday I watched about five hours of beer commercials online for fun.

While browsing Style.com this afternoon, I saw a post they did about J.Crew’s holiday commercial, which may have seemed uneventful had they not pointed out that J.Crew has never actually done a commercial before. For their first one, the brand chose to partner with MasterCard. This makes sense considering the genius marketing changed the banking advertisement game with their “Priceless” ads.

The commercial is highly emblematic of the J. Crew ethos, which is to say cheeky and whimsical. It also made me want a whole lot of tartan like, this second. Most notably, though, it somehow rabbit-holed me into a slew of Crew videos from their website, where I then spent the next half hour learning about their color-creating process, surfing, and my personal favorite, “The Secret Language of Monogramming.”

Who knew?

J. Crew men’s sweater, $85.00. Watching a commercial online when I’m supposed to be working, $0. Realizing that everything Jenna Lyons does is perfect? Priceless.

(And copying a MasterCard commercial that has been parodied to death? Actually…that cost me a lot of money toward the Douche Bag Jar, but it was worth it.)

[J.Crew In In Your Home For The Holidays via Style.com]

  • lizsmith2

    “The commercial is highly emblematic of the J. Crew ethos”
    unfortunately it also reminded me of how white J Crew and their audience is :/

    • What’s horrible is that that didn’t even register to me when I watched this. Guess it is just so engrained, unfortunately. I hope in the very near future that they mix it up a bit. Different colors, shapes, sizes….and actually, don’t you think that would make even more sense to the J. Crew ethos? Jenna Lyons is a master of print mixing, pulling in eclectic details, etc, so there is no reason why they can’t make it just as colorful and cultural in terms of models.

    • lori

      haha thats exactly what crossed my mind, too! “oh boy, another ad with overly groomed prettty white models. just what this world needs more of”.

      • lori

        i just googled “J crew ads” and what do ya know? white ppl. everywhere!

        • Alex Poirier

          They send me a catalogue what seems like once a month and it’s usually quite ethnically diverse, at least the men’s section. The website (jcrew.ca), while predominantly white people, there is definitely a mix with a quick glance.

    • kimi

      white people exist too.

      • YaThink?

        OMG WOW I literally forgot about that! Thanks for the friendly reminder!

  • Aubrey Green

    I cry at commercials too.

  • Guest

    that monogram video just rocked my world!
    also, how neat would it be to actually have the initials hrh?
    also also, is it lame that i have given some thought to my future husband’s last name in the context of how it will change my initials? like, i don’t want my initials to be a mini-word, so since my first name starts with ‘A’, I would be hesitant to marry someone with an ‘S’ last name! i wouldn’t actually be hesitant but it would kinda disappoint me… same with an ‘F’, ‘T’, WAIT OMG IF I MARRIED SOMEONE WITH A ‘U’ MY INITIALS WOULD BE AU LIKE GOLD!!!!!!!!!!

    obviously i’m procrastinating for a chem test right now…
    this really was a rabbit hole of fun though!

  • I thought it was interesting that J Crew is calling this their first TV spot, when in reality it’s a MasterPass commercial featuring J Crew.

    Totally agree though, I’ve never wanted to attend a holiday party so badly in my life, if only I got to look as happy and glowing and get a pair of those Jenna Lyons glasses on my face.

  • jo_mi_co

    couldn’t agree more!
    jenna = genius AND love me some commercials.

  • I would kill to have a family unit that went to black tie events in matching J Crew. My family is never sartorially cohesive, unless you count the amount of Sierra Club tees with have floating around.

  • JZRL

    Yes, strategically interesting that they’ve chosen to leverage a partnership with Mastercard, but then e-commerce is of high import – many a fashion buck is spent with a click. This isn’t really even about the fashion, it’s about the ease with which you can create a homogeneous holiday look for you and your family with the assistance of Mastercard – who will be trying to own this easy pay element of e-commerce.. makes sense for them if we’re all shopping with their product this xmas.