It’s July 1st, Baby!

Some things you may not know about July 1st:

On this day in 1984 The Motion Pictures Association of America instituted the PG-13 rating, making it possible for Bar Mitzvahed men and hormonal girls to see movies like The Ring at their behests.

It is also the day that Sony introduced The Walkman in 1979, unwittingly proving that The Next Big Thing is now devastatingly obsolete.

It happens to moonlight as Lea Séydoux’s birthday, as well, who was born on this day in 1985, unwittingly proving that The Next Big Thing, when it is human, only becomes Bigger with age.

Some things you may know about July 1st:

Summer Fridays

And as a direct result of clause #1, it is the best month ever as far as The Northern Hemisphere is concerned.

It is also the 182nd day (which happens to be my lucky number!) of the year as mandated by the Gregorian Calendar. (A non sequitur/note on mandates: you should title your first memoir, the no men to date mandate.)

And it is three days shy of The Best Weekend Ever (no matter where you are, really).

But the most relatable property tethered to July 1st is a state of mind we have universally adopted about the unofficial, vaguely tardy true beginning of summer. Today is the day that pants come off, which incidentally coincides nicely with yesterday’s story on shorts. Though you may not have been ready to pull out the proverbial scissors then, I’ll bet a diaper you’re feeling kind of ready today.

If not because you’ve let the weird outfits marinate and allow for your fabric confidence to trump your undue insecurity then at very least because it’s hot and you’re going to a vegan BBQ later this week and dammit, you need some cool thigh agents to show for your attendance. Look no further than, like, an inch below eye level, marvel in the beauty that is sale season and think to yourself, Self, how did a junior varsity dissertation on the history of July 1st become a ploy to get me to buy shorts?

I don’t know either but I’m glad we’re here.

  • Marie-Eve

    It’s also Canada day…

    • Natalia

      happy canada day!

  • lavieenliz

    Happy july 1st!!!! and apparently Canada day!

  • I can’t believe you didn’t say Canada day…

    • Sarah

      I am beyond disappointed. NO homage to your fashionable Canadian neighbors? Shame..

      • prairielily

        Canada is apparently a Leandra-repeller.

        • Leandra Medine

          You guys! I am simply an ignoramus. That’s what it boils down to.

  • Cassandra Vallée

    Happy Canada Day to you too 😉

  • Kandeel

    Canada Day!!!!!!!!!! (yes canadians read blogs)

  • Megan Gallagher

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  • Marina Martinez

    I read today on tumblr (obviously a reliable source) that this day is the source of Blink-182’s name. As noted, it’s the 182nd day, exactly half way through the year, and so just like that if you “blink” at noon, or at least acknowledge so, at the blink of an eye, 6 months are behind you and there are only 6 months till the next year. Just think about how much has happened!!! I for one graduated college. Any who, is this true? If it is, I think thats freakin awesome.

  • Lauren van Schijndel

    Haven’t been on in such a long time and I don’t even know why. I missed your humor!
    Great sales strategy, by the way.

    Happy Canada Day, everyone!

  • Aisha S

    Canada day rocks!

    • Kristen

      we rock

  • Good post!

  • Tracy

    Happy Canada day!

  • Karenina

    Do they teach you people NOTHING about what happens North of the border? Canada Day. Not that hard a concept!
    Here’s another tidbit for you: we (or rather, those Brits who would become Canada) won the War of 1812 and burned down the White House.

  • john