Isabel Marant’s Moccasins

I’ve seen this happen to me in reverse and am delighted to find that it’s now happening the way, I believe, it’s supposed to.

The ‘this’ in question is that thing where after a runway show you want something so much so that you’ll effectively do anything to get your hands on it, well knowing that you can’t actually, you know, get your hands on it for at least another five months.

What typically happens as a result is social ownership. You consume the product by way of your networks — pinning it, blogging about it, posting photos of it to Instagram and so by the time it finally, actually trickles down to the retailers and therefore becomes an actual suitor in your Cosmos, you’ve already had your moment. So there it stays, dejected, defiled, abandoned.

Far more impressive is it to elicit the reverse reaction. Wherein you see a show, you don’t particularly care for it and in fact kind of hate it only to find that when you’re liable to own a piece from it, a switch has flipped et voila, that hankering for proprietorship invades and if you’re lucky (unlucky?) enough, might actually even capture a chunk of your liquid wealth.

This happens with Celine under the reign of Phoebe Philo and Marc Jacobs all the time. This has yet to happen with Isabel Marant (the reaction is typically: must buy, or must eschew) but today — today it does. When the above photographed moccasin heels first revealed their suede bodies and studded bows and unassuming laces, I scoffed.

I thought Minnetonka.

And wondered where in the good name of all that is Metropolitan the shoes would fit in with my wardrobe and alas…here I am…getting dressed morning after morning, tilting my head to the left and squinting my eyes, not hating what I see but certainly thinking: you know what would make these better?

Yeah. See, the thing is, for a cool $1,105 do I really want to subscribe to a lifestyle I could absolutely grow to hate in just a month’s, or week’s, or, who knows, day’s time?

I guess that’s the thing about Isabel Marant — she’ll suck you in just to spit you right back out.

[Isabel Marant Moccasins via Matches Fashion]