Isabel Marant for The WSJ

Well here’s one we’re definitely not used to seeing: Isabel Marant opens up to the Wall Street Journal about her incredibly influential empire and her cool life off the grid with mom, dad, step mom et al. This, in addition to an unwitting tutorial of sorts, outlining all the shit we need to do as mere American plebeians to finally achieve the essence of the devastatingly chic, highly bobo Frenchness that she so well encapsulates in her clothes.

She also mentions that all the designs she really loves are typically the ones that sell out. Does that mean we can suppose that she (too) is nearly sexually attracted to her wedge sneakers?

[The Cult of Isabel Marant via Wall Street Journal]

  • a.n.a.l.u

    I love her, maybe even more than her clothing, is that even possible?


  • Selena Aponte

    I found this interview insightful and honest. Her motivation behind her designs make their practicality even more meaningful. In this highly glamorized industry, she has chosen to be true to herself and embrace her maturity. All in all, a great read..

  • Scott Brasher

    go WSJ!