Isabel Marant for H&M Leaked

Isabel Marant is clearly on the same cycle as us; part of her H&M look book leaked today!

The collection is undeniably Isabel, teeming with oversized, drool-worthy outerwear and skinny pants of the white denim variety. I spy ankle boots with fringe, an embellished trophy jacket and tell-tale Marant embroidery on the men’s jeans.

And speaking of the men’s stuff, the sweaters RULE, especially one chunky cream turtleneck with a pulled-yarn sleeve explosion.

Isabel Marant and your new friend H&M, you guys make us wanna dance.

[Part of the Isabel Marant for H&M Lookbook Has Leaked! via Racked]

  • Maggie Clancy

    Yeah i feel like I will be getting that man’s sweater for me.

  • Omg these pictures made me super excited! I can’t wait! <3

  • Holy canoly this is BRILLIANT. So excited for the launch of this collection, hopefully by than New Orleans will open H&M -_-


  • lori

    i just moved to nyc and will be 100% checking out this collaboration at h&m! however, i must ask if anyone here has ever been to a highly anticipated collaboration at h&m in nyc b4? should i be expecting hysteria? hopefully they put everything online..thatd b great!

  • Daniella

    “leaked”, yeah sure!

  • Jennifer

    Ah that coat in the middle!

    xo Jennifer

  • Ssue

    Oh my, I am really disappointed. Although I can understand the thought of producing cheaper versions of Marant’s best selling pieces, but I do have an overkill of fringed boots, boyfriend coats, embroidery jeans or rather the whole bohemian “marantish” look.
    I hope they will publish looks ajar to her a/w ’13 collections, ASAP!

    • Marant follower

      You are missing the point it’s making the collection available to people who couldn’t afford it and they are all classics anyway

      • Ssue

        No, I don’t think I am missing the point here. I can understand that they wanted to produce the classic marant pieces, as I wrote above.

        I just hoped for more. My opinion. Thats all.

  • Ayaan

    OMG i’m really excited!! I haven’t been able to find any good chunky sweaters in so long and these look absolutely stunning!

  • I can’t wait for this collection! That printed coat looks amazing!

  • hanneli

    this is amazing! Anyone knows when this collection will be available in the UK?

  • Re: Lou — I WANT TO BE JANE BIRKIN’S DAUGHTER, TOO. Also wouldn’t mind that oversize blazer.

  • Keily’s Fashion Picks

    I want that jacket and those pumps! I predict that they will be $80-$100. What do you think? See more on my blog…

  • Grace

    Underwhelmed? Didn’t realise it was rehashing old best sellers.. cheapens the brand I feel

  • I’m loving the clothes and design, but I think the problem is the quality.

  • I love the jackets and cardigan. If only they had sizes above 12. *sigh*

  • Exactly! I’m gonna get them. No, not for my boyfriend, but for myself.

  • Garazi Ibarrolaza

    I can’t wait to see the whole collection! So far, I love the jackets and the coats!

  • If all of this could magically appear in my closet, that would be great!

  • Dianablues

    I am completely underwhelmed by this collection and really cant get behind the excitement. Ultimately, we have seen it all before, why would I want to wear something that was in fashion 2 years ago (plus everyone else will be wearing it)?
    My main issue is the pricing though. £200 ($320) for the embroidered jacket, £150 ($240) for the fringed ankle boots? Even by collab standards at H&M that’s pricey and let’s not forget the quality of the clothes will ultimately not be as great as it looks in the pictures.

  • Margaret Godowns

    I can’t wait!!

  • I am super excited to see these in person, but I must echo some of the other sentiments: price for quality is definitely an issue. If you’re going to pay that much for something that is already so declined in quality (or so I assume, from every collaboration that has come before it), why not just seek out the real deal at reduced prices? Not sure there’s anything I’d wait in line for – or pay 200€ for – but I’m curious to see it.

  • marypoppings

    Where can I buy the fringed boots? Is it too late?