Is It Too Early to Start Planning Holiday?

I’m asking not because I particularly enjoy planning anything but rather because the above shoes, by Tom Ford, available for purchase on Yoox right now, make me feel like I may do a disservice to humanity in not yelling “Happy birthday, Santa!” every time they are worn.

And though I might be jumping the gun on that which constitutes an appropriate holiday-season dressing timestamp, I also think the moment Halloween ends, it’s all fair game through January 1.¬†Also, they are very expensive, even when taking out of consideration the sufficient price adjustment and that means I need time.

Time to marinate.

To cogitate.

To pay off debt.

Thoughts from the audience?

Merry, merry!

[Tom Ford sandals via Yoox]

  • Laura Mitchell

    Go for it! They make me want to wear a big fur. Cold toes be damned.

  • Aubrey Green

    It’s never to early. November-January 1st is the Holiday(s). Socks or tights, or neither, both?

  • Quinn

    Hannukah and Thanksgiving are the same day so a double-whammy day of holidays totally justifies the purchase do not even worry.

  • 25highClothing

    Not too early for holiday! its November! Plus I think your bold enough to pull these off any day.

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    Thanks bunches, we need all the help we can get

  • Savannah

    I might have to stop reading your blog, you’re always tempting my wallet. sigh :/

  • Maureen

    Right on the money