Are YOU an Instagram Husband? (Even if You’re Not a Man!)

We have a lot of thoughts on Instagram: the best time to post, how to write a caption, what makes a perfect account and whether or not Instagram is turning us into sociopaths. The latest Instagram news is here:

My friend’s boyfriend posted this video on her wall last night:

“I hate you,” she commented underneath.

“Did you just propose?!?!” is how I personally would have responded.

And then I watched as girls sent it to their manfriends and manfriends sent it their manfriends and I thought to myself, excuse me: if anyone can be a mom on a cruise, then anyone can be an Instagram husband.

Best friends are the immediate obvious alternative. (Especially best friends who automatically know that you like a full body shot, light on the left side and a right camera angle to catch your hip-akimbo pose.)

Family members are next. They are legally bound by blood to make sure you like the way your arm looks in a photo.

Pictures-only-acquaintances are third in line. These are people who frequent your daily life (neighbors, mailmen, office building security guards) who you aren’t technically friendly enough to get a drink with, but you’ve enough of a rapport established that you don’t feel weird asking them to take your picture.

Then there are the strangers, those unsuspecting few who, for whatever reason, have a face deemed so trustworthy by other strangers that they are asked all the time to take pictures for rando passersby. (This is me, by the way. I am the unofficial picture taker and direction giver of the West Village.)

In the age of doing things for the sole purpose of a social media post, accidentally making someone your Instagram Husband is unavoidable. There’s also a high chance that you are someone’s Instagram Husband.

So let us all take a moment of silence to appreciate he, she and we for their/our service.

It’s not god’s work, but it is blogs’ work. And it will not go unnoticed.


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