In The Mood for: Grunge Gone Glam

In episode three of In The Mood, we tackle “grunge gone glam” and some dance moves that require the use of only one leg. Let me know what you think because I am a curious george and you are an oracle replete with lots and lots of knowledge and answers. Or so I have been led to assume.

Would you wear leather pants under a satin mini skirt and a white fishnet t-shirt that reminds me, personally, of Drey Barrymore’s brother in Fifty First Dates, plus a black collarless jacket with insouciant sequins decorating the trim?

Would you?

How about these fringe-y denim shorts?

[Grunge Gone Glam with Man Repeller via]

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  • Guest

    Yep, loved the dance!

  • monkeyshines
  • dittoduffel

    HELL Yes to all of this!
    P.s. How about more videos of you dancing?


    YES – I – DO

    Also your style!

    Like from

  • lessie

    you are everything.

  • jasmine // taguboto

    ah- the ol’ “fly me to the moon cause there’s a blister in the sun” mash up. love it.

  • Tara Kun

    That Georgia May Jagger commercial looped a total of 12 times before this video begun, I fuck you not.

  • GMR

    YES I did hahaha thank you xx

  • It seems somewhat inappropriate to comment on the awesomeness of your makeup in this video given the recent anti-makeup post, but considering I occasionally use massive wings of eyeliner to make it look like the bags under my eyes have an upper-lid partner in crime (and these wings are particularly inspirational in their thickness), I think your eyeballs look especially rad in this video.

    Also, 100% on board with the outfit, dance moves included.

  • ThoseWhoWillSee

    Dig it so hard, as always!

  • how did you get so awesome.
    no seriously.

  • I love how much your personality comes out on camera. Plus I’m totally going to try the whole ripping outfits in half piece

  • Guess everyone can TRY to pull off grunge gone glam, but definitely not everyone succeeds the way Leandra Medine does. You make it seem so easy! And I never thought I’d want to wear a fishnet t-shirt till the moment I saw you in one of them.

    Needless to say I loved the dance!

  • lexi

    “My grandma and the internet …” Yes! And I lurve grunge gone glam.
    xx Lexi, Glitter, Inc.

  • Jessica Penny

    Absolutely love these videos. And yes, I loved your dance!

  • RomyPaige

    Love your videos!

  • OMG I totally agree, I think mixing the top and bottom of two completely different looks is perfect.

  • Fiona CG

    Loved the dance and love Man Repeller – best thing on the internet at the moment. Thanks for brightening my day – Fiona in the UK xxx

  • Moi

    You’re so good in those videos. Love ya!

  • theresa

    you are pure awesome-ness!!

  • mia

    Of course I love your dance and everything else about you..

  • Anna Kovru

    who said you’re ugly?! damn the best girl ever!

  • annesarah

    sooooo gooooooddddd

  • I’m a fan of the dancing. And a leather pant/basic tee look with a multitude of shoes… not at the same time.

  • I saw that eyebrow pick/swipe mid video!

  • Gisele

    U rock!!!!

  • Mardigrassss

    I want that jacket just as badly as i want to lose 10 pounds.