In My Cart: Not Spring, Not Not Spring

January is weird for a number of reasons, least not being that the first syllable of the word is also the name of a popular television character from the ’60s, see: The Brady Bunch. And speaking of bunches that are Brady (there is an understanding here that Brady has become a synonym for pleasant, complacent, jolly, etc — right?), all of the clothes starting to permeate the online shopping experience point towards FUN!

Never mind the boring wool pants that would probably serve you exceptionally well through the current, imminent and distant gloom of this season because the Internet is shouting plexiglass earrings! And reflective (affordable) sunglasses! Hey, the sun still comes out, right? You might even dabble in multicolor sneakers.

But only because you’re so blinded by the metallic, lightweight stripes on this sweater you feel like you have to have, which you’re only getting if you could also have this asymmetrical floral skirt — a clash made in heaven!

And for the aforementioned gloom, a seasonal staple? This pink hooded shell jacket. The stuff consumer-driven coping mechanisms are made of. Cheerz.

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  • starryhye

    The sweater and colorful sneakers are totally my jam! Alas, they are not in my price point 🙁

  • Jennifer

    Are you really buying this awesome stuff, Leandra? Or is it in your “mental shopping cart”? Cuz I have many of those. Can you show me something that you’re gonna buy like this week!?

  • Ughhh those earrings are so cute I’m getting chest pains.

  • Ali

    All of these are really awesome.. thanks for this post.

  • lychette

    Hi Leandra, you recently wore a Khaite turtleneck, and I am hoping you could give a little review of it? I love turtlenecks and have been eyeing it for a while at theLine’s webshop, but before I make the investment, I’d like to finally hear from someone who has actually bought a Khaite product 🙂 thanks a lot in advance !

    • Leandra Medine

      Hi friend! It’s a really warm body suit so tucks into pants super easily, but if you’re not a thong person, can be a little annoying because it really gets in there if you know what I mean. That said, the fabric quality is awesome, the turtleneck doesn’t droop (a big thing for me, i hate when necklines don’t do what they say they’re going to e.g. conceal your neck), and theres some spandex or elastic in the fabric, so it sucks you in, which is especially nice in the cold. hope this is helpful <3

  • amanda joy

    nice work