In My Cart: A Patchwork Jean Jacket

It might seem like I’ve been unofficially enlisted by the powers that be at Marc Jacobs to promote the recent slew of fresh product on display across the e-commerce sites that ignite the prospect of bankruptcy among us. But guess what? That is not the case. And look, don’t get me wrong, I loved how much fun the Marc Jacobs show was last September. It took New York Fashion Week out with a bang — an American bang that made patriotism feel more like a divine acid trip that we could be proud of as opposed to, you know, a governmental conundrum one might feel inclined to run away from. But did that mean I planned to acquire the de facto wears from the collection?

No. Absolutely not.

Rarely do the most escapist and stimulating shows make you actually think: Man I need to own that, so much as they do, Man I need to understand that.

But lo and behold, here I am, two for two with my shopping cart syndrome — on the one hand justifying Dr. Scholl’s that cost $352 (and then subsequently wearing them with leg warmers like god knows who), and on the other seriously contemplating a shrunken denim jacket that looks rigid and therefore uncomfortable, but has two mermaids patched across the back of it, for heaven’s sake! How does one say no to mermaids?


Here are the pros: the sleeves are cropped — I appreciate nothing more than an exposed wrist. The patches and pins don’t look cheap, and this jacket has everything: pearls, a sequined mouth rendered in the American flag’s print, brass hands, Lady Liberty, an anchor! This does not even include the blue sequined sleeve stars and bad ass animal patch wearing yellow sunglasses.

But here are the cons: will I really wear a cropped jacket? Those never look good with pants if they are not of the pleated, high waist variety, but maybe I’m ready for a change. Sure it’ll look good with a mini skirt, or short dress, but if I’m spending $695 on a denim jacket (!?!?!?!?), shouldn’t I be able to wear it with everything? My iPhone cost just about as much, and it goes with all of my outfits. Maybe I’m just attracted to the novelty. The pure fun of it! But there’s a line to draw here — that is, the will I wear it vs. will I enjoy simply looking at it line — isn’t there?

So I’m at a loss on this one. Yes, it’s in my cart, but what does that mean, anyway? Would you spend $695 on a jean jacket? What if it was this one?

Update: Here’s also a $78 version from Pixie Market.

Feature collage by Emily Zirimis.


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  • I bought a patchwork Levi’s jacket and absolutely love it. Mine isn’t cropped though…And on the subject of patchwork jackets, the Coach leather jackets from F/W16 are beautiful and I will splurge on one when they finally hit the stores. I even asked the lady at the Coach store near me to email me when they came in.

  • Fashionably Sparkly

    I have been looking for the perfect inexpensive jean jacket to customise myself, I will add the patches and the pins that I like. I just love the feeling when I know that there will not be another jacket like mine and it will be my special jacket <3

    Fashionably Sparkly

    • Aggie

      Agreed! Those keep on popping up in places like Zara and Topshop and eventually everyone will wear the same ones. For me, the patches are what makes it fun and they’re a great way to add personality and humor to an outfit.

  • ReadER451

    I think this would look great with high wasited zip capris and a turtleneck till its warmer! I couldn’t pay $695 on a jean jacket, but I’m sure crazier things have been purchased.

  • The hunt for patches and pins to customize a jean jacket is 85% of the appeal to me! I like the MJ one here, but I’d rather have something that feels more personal.

  • mackenzie
  • Julia

    I agree with the idea of a customized body scrapbook. Aka patched denim jacket/ vest. Pre bought has much less apeal to me.

  • Commentycomment

    Patchwork is fine but I think this jacket is pretty ugly. If you love it and can afford it, then get it – you are the one who will e wearing it and i’m convinced you could rock this, big time