If You Like Piña Coladas

Leandra had a bright yellow iPhone case that drove me insane for the better half of 2014. I’m not sure why, but it was like the digital accessory equivalent of that person whose face you find unequivocally annoying for no reason at all. I tried multiple times to dispose of it without her looking — once I threw it in the trash “by accident,” once I tried to get a neighbor’s dog to chew on it — and yet every time I turned around, there it was, back on her phone, being extremely yellow.

Then one day, it was gone. Gone and replaced with a cheerful clear case that let her gold phone shine through in between a pattern of pineapples. It was a tiny bit of yellow (Leandra what’s with you and this color?) but not too much, because this hue was set off by the fruit’s green hat.

Then I was all about the apple of pines.

First I found this Charlotte Glow-lympia clutch that looks like it’s home to both a tube sock-wearing sponge but also, my dreams. Then came this scarf  — hello Chiquita Banana — which I’ll tie around my head, neck or heart: viewer’s choice, no rules.

Where subtlety’s concerned (though I’m not concerned, were you?) Topshop sends the pineappley message by way of white on white stitching, and this teeny little charm bracelet is the cutest of minute fruit.

Finally, if you’re anti-prints but want to get in on my produce wagon (because I’m such a lively driver always playing the good radio station), you can wash your face with pineapple pulp a la Kiehl’s 1851.

And if none of this sounds apPEALing…may I offer you a banana instead?

  • lavieenliz

    you know I do! that bag is just great and funny and awesome


  • Ellie Lambert

    Loving the pineapple bag and scarf, think we need it to brighten up our April showers.


  • Guest

    Kudos for spinning a Leandra’s annoying phone case into something positive (plus a blog post). You guys are kute with a kapital K

  • Hudson Berry

    Kudos for spinning Leandra’s annoying phone case into something positive (plus a blog post). You guys are kute with a kapital K