I Love Jewels, Jewels, Jewels, Jewels

Jewels I do adore (sung to the tune of Jay-Z’s “Girls, Girls, Girls” because it is still his birthday, after all). Especially, of course, when they are Prada.


There’s no better season than now to festoon ourselves in jewelry. Why on earth should trees and store windows have all the fun when Prada — I said PRADA, for goodness sake — has given us the tools to be walking hosts for these ornaments.

Inspired by 1940s haute jewelry and infused with the house’s recent themes (the hibiscus flowers seen on the Spring 2014 men’s and women’s runway, Saffiano textured leather, and of course the brilliant palette of Prada-y colors), the pieces range in price from treat-yo’self-but-doable to save-up-or-beg-Santa.


I, for one, suddenly can’t stop thinking about wearing those flowers in my earlobes to the next holiday fete and or beach cabana dance party should one occur any time soon. And if you, like me, are dying for some Miuccia in your life but are currently choosing rent over shoes, some of these items are like a nice little compromise.

But whether you actually decide to buy or not, isn’t it sometimes nice to just look at really, really beautiful things?

[Prada Jewels via Prada.com]

  • Blanca

    o god i want so badly. wish hannukah wasn’t over just yet 🙁