I Can’t Believe I’m Still Making the Case for Mules
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But, come on guys, these dapper dans just landed on The Outnet at a price reduced 50% from its initial offering and are still available in every size for your purchasing pleasure. Let’s just assume you’ll have to read one BOI every month for the next who-knows-how-long until you send me selfies of yourself in a pair. I know I’ve been talking about them ever since my tiny-ass toes laid nails in them last April but have you been listening?

Who knows.

Should you be listening?

Yes, duh.

Though these are technically called “Spanish Mules” as mandated by the purported name delegators at Oscar de la Renta, the real value here is in understanding that the shoes are citizens of the world. Some deem them Moroccan while others (not unlike myself), see a real tinge of chic Chinatown laundromat go-er about them.

No matter how you slice it, though, they’re comfortable, they’re cool (and only in that initiated way that Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s The Row makes them out to be), they’re putatively classic and should you choose to trade liquid money for them, they also place your stamp of hope on the now wavering promise of an imminent, snow-less season.

So, what’s it gonna be?

[Spanish mule embellished-suede and leather slippers via The Outnet]

  • Maybe I’ll buy these instead of the Beats by Dre I was thinking about earlier. I will def look less douchey, but these mules ain’t gon’ help me out on the treadmill. Then again, nothing really will!!! *LoSt CAuSe* LoLZzZ

  • Meg

    My love affair with mules began when I wore my first Steve Maddens to death in the 8th grade. Now I’m playing the should-I-or-shouldn’t-I-wait-for-the-snow-to-melt game with my new Vic Matie wedges. Mules rule!

  • Jessica Rose

    I wish people would remember…when they wear these…moisturise the back of your heel.. cracked heels are not a good look on anyone…..thank you….;((


  • I normally prefer high heeled mules but these are not bad either!

  • Laura Mitchell

    Have em in yellow. Wore them to death last summer. These shoes are a great buy

  • lauren

    i fux with the mules

  • Ingela Persson

    Love them!