@Humblebrag: The Twitter Account

Fresh off the heirloom tomatoes of yesterday’s post regarding hashtags like #humblebrag, we present you with a Twitter account dedicated to the now ubiquitous…Humble Brag.

Before you click and start yelling at me, it seems the account isn’t exactly active anymore. After the Humblebrag book came out last year (written by Parks & Rec’s Harris Wittels who I want to keep calling Calvin Harris), the Twitter account sort of slowly petered out. Wittels is a busy dude so I get it.

After spending a large part of my afternoon a quick glance reading the very hilarious Twitter feed, however, I wanted more. Mr. Wittels, if you’re reading this, please sir, bring back the tweets.

One of my favorites because it’s so random:


And if you’re like me and need a video for everything ever talked about ever, well here you go:

What are your favorite #humblebrags from the the Twitter account? Or the ones you love that people use in general? Do you humble brag? You should brag about it down below in the comments section! But please be humble, this is a safe space and we can’t have peacock feathers shedding all over the floor like a dang circus now can we?

Actually, go ahead and brag for real. I collect feathers anyway.


  • I won a set of the MR paper dolls because I pre-ordered Leandra’s book #humblebrag bitchessssss p.s your book rocks lady!!

  • ali

    dying. love this.

  • Mine is a happy marriage. And it has been for the whole 11 years. There, I said it.

  • Dana Ekici

    TGIF because work sucks…I actually miss being unemployed.

  • TFred Says…

    Derek Blasberg DM’d me an apology after I tweeted that he spoiled the Gossip Girl finale for me. I died.

  • Roxana Phillips

    so funny and yeppppp a lot people humblebragssssssss

  • Miriam van Klinken

    I own a package of Chanel No. 5 Grand Extrait. My Grandma gave it to me. For nothing. There. (plus that I’m only 17)