How to Undo a Sent E-mail

Thanks for the heads up, Business Insider — there is a god! And he is finally revealing the gift of digital retraction. How many times, may I ask, have you accidentally sent an e-mail to someone you didn’t mean to or worse…sent one with every intention of shipping it off only to realize once it’s been sent that you were temporarily experiencing a terrible bout of horrific judgement.

You never should have told your high school boyfriend that every time you see baby carrots in a supermarket, you think about him and his. That was a stupid idea. Take it back. Take it back. Take it back? But how can you? How can I? How can anyone on this crazy, legendary platform and way of living that we call the Internet? You know, for an entity that has really obliterated that which we rendered normal, revolutionary even, until some ten years ago, it’s a wonder no one save for AOL has mastered or popularized the power of an “unsend” button.

Even as outlined in this brief tutorial from Business Insider, your grace period is a mere thirty seconds before the rules of cyber travel can no longer bend and you’re left to collect the pieces of your blunder. Still, half a minute is better than no mili-minutes, so, the details wait for you right this way.

  • concernedemailer

    This could solve a life time of problems… BUT I just tested it with two of my email accounts and as I clicked undo (immediately as it popped up on the screen of my computer) my phone buzzed with the email… I’m not sure what is worse… sending the email and then doing damage control… OR thinking the email didn’t go through but it did…

  • charlotte

    All i remember from those experiences/traumas is the feeling when i realized i did send to the wrong guy (who happens to be the protagonist of the message, right?) something like “the asshole haven’t texted me yet, i’m gonna play it cool and never call him again. who does he think am i this fucker?”
    yeah, for the following 10 decades that how i’m gonna feel: cool
    PS: just realized every time i comment a post here, about boys i always end up talking about the same dudeā€¦ not over it maybe? haha

  • lbeezy

    Who didn’t already know this? I’ve been using that feature for close to a year already.

    • cool

      i def didnt know

  • Ember

    I think if Vag Bob actually did have a vagina, he would probably be better at sex.